And another one!!! I've been back to my blogging grind when the second half of the year started, so this just happens to be one of those posts that accidentally got buried. For the first half of the year, a lot of my posts got delayed because of how stressful my past job was. I barely had time to live, so what more blogging?! But yeah, this one was just delayed by accident... 

Indeed, it's soo nice to look back to this Lazada Beauty TV Facebook live with L'Oréal! One of the things that excited me was the entry of L'Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick. Their Infallible gloss was doing well, although people were really waiting for a legit liquid lipstick to be brought in. They had lipsticks and lip liners and matte gloss, so it's about time they really brought in a legit liquid lipstick to the market. This is the wispier, more lightweight version of its Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink cousin. 

Y'all can check out my Facebook live with Kristine here! 

This livestream is part of this vlog. Check it out!

I know a lot of you do get curious on what goes on behind the scenes in these Facebook live videos, so I thought I'd take some photos to document how it looks like from the other side. We are sent a script and brief about the general flow of the Facebook live about a week prior, and we familiarize ourselves with the content beforehand. On the day itself, we also do a brief run-through about the program flow, and discuss any changes should the need arise. But all throughout, we are guided by two screens. One screen has the view of us doing our live and seeing the comments and videos, and also so we can gauge if we're sitting too near or too far from each other or if we need to fix something to make it more pleasing to the viewers. The other screen, as seen here, has the outline and guide on the program glow.We have an idea of the general flow, but it's hard to remember the whole order of the whole script. We also need to be able to have the hashtags ready whenever we need to read them out, and we're also shown the shares and comments so that we have an idea on when we'd need to call out a winner again. Just so you know! We're not the ones who choose the winner. The L'Oréal managers who go through the comments and select the winner. We just do the announcing. 

Depending on the setup, they usually do the Facebook live videos in a vacant function room in the Lazada offices. But of course, they have their arsenal of Lazada supplied lights and we also use lapel microphones. The whole concept of Lazada Facebook live videos took off and now they have live videos almost every single day. This is why they really invested in the quality of the videos with SLR's, microphones, and lights.

From the sidelines, this is how it looks like! The microphones are of course not seen from the front, but here you can see them. We also have our printouts of the program flow with us, but usually we cover it with a lot of items so they are not conspicuous. I have done four Lazada Facebook lives and have attended two Lazada events, but still I don't have a Laz plushie! Getting a Laz plushie really is one of my goals bwahahaha.

We also cover up brand names, or remove labels from items or accessories to our videos. We tape over noodle brands and change the branded wrappers of burgers to tissue paper when we do food tests. Competitor brands involved in videos usually have the logos covered or label stickers removed if possible.

No one really tells us on who's part is whose. This is why they usually select people who they think will have a good synergy together. When someone speaks too much or too little, it's not nice. Or when it's obvious that one is delivering lines and not really interacting with the other host, it's also not good on screen. It works when it's a casual chit chat about the product mixed with serious brand talk.

And this is Kristine and I with my burger! Usually for a food test we only take a few bites on cam to show the product performance, but we usually eat the rest of the food after the video. And there really are no camera tricks. We don't practice to get a product to behave in a certain way and the brands never prod us to manipulate a product to behave better on cam. Whatever you see on cam is actual product performance. In the first place, too, the ASC will not approve any claim that cannot be substantiated with evidence and truth, so no brand can do a live video promoting any claim that is not pre-approved.

As you can see in our close up, we use a loooot of makeup! We also usually come in contact lenses because the lighting is harsh. It looks like mild makeup on screen, but yes, it is more dramatic in real life.

So yeah, I know I didn't really talk much about the product this time. This is really just about sharing what goes on behind the scenes of a Lazada live videos. Hope some of the things you're curious about got tackled!

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