City living unfortunately means dust and pollution everywhere. Sometimes, the environmental dust is so intense that I can feel it setting my BB cream! I also often find myself sneezing because of how dusty it is. I live near a main road, so I guess it adds to the problem that since so many cars pass by our area, the pollution levels are elevated compared to the already problematic levels of pollution in Manila in general.

It’s just that serious that AVON came up with ANEW RetroActive, which shields the skin from the harsh effects of urban life. The range is all about reviving skin damaged by pollution. 

This is a simple three piece range with a facial foam, sunscreen, and facial cream, for a straightforward skincare routine. You can get all these three with a free pouch for Php999. 

ANEW Youth Extending Cream (Php399 for 50g) is designed to be used at night to repair the skin after a long day of pollution exposure. There is also a day cream version of this for those who are interested, at the same price for the same size. 

The texture is light and airy for a night cream, so even in really hot evenings, this will work fine. 

The jar might look a bit small, but realistically, 50g can actually last for 3 months even with daily use. It's not as little as you think! 

ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Multiple Shield SPF50+++/PA+++ Sunscreen (part of a bundle worth Php999) is an oil free offering for those who want a lightweight product for the day. This will go perfect under makeup as the texture is not thick, not hot, nor greasy. 

You can use this right after cleansing and before makeup to protect the skin not only from the effects of pollution but also from the harsh effects of the sun. The texture is whipped. It's not an emulsion. It's still more cream like than gel like to me, but it behaves with the lightweight properties of gel. 

Once blended in, this is how it looks like. Due to the high SPF content, and how brightly it manifests under flash, this might not be the best primer to use for special days. But for everyday makeup looks, the texture is very comfortable.

A lot of base makeup products have SPF in them, but it's still important to use a formal sunscreen because we need very little amounts of base makeup. The amount of makeup we need for coverage is less than the amount we need for sun protection, which is why a sunscreen like this is still vital these days. 

ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Cleanser (Php149 for 30g) helps to gently cleanse skin impurities brought about by pollution. This helps with pore refinement, getting rid of fine lines, and brightening dull skin. 

You can get these items from your AVON lady, or you can get them from AVON's website

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