Updating the blog with yet another Livestream!!! This time, Kristine and I promoted L'Oréal's Infallible range. L'Oréak hosted an Infallible Challenge for influencers wherein they did an Electric Studios cycling class wearing L'Oréal Infallible products and put it to the test. This also was the launch of L'Oréal Infallible More Than Concealer.

Here's the video!!! 

The lovely instructor is no other than Patricia Prieto! 

Participants were busy settling into their chosen bikes. There were a lot of first timers so Patricia took her time to thoroughly explain things. 

The class was so intense! Saying that is already an understatement. The pacing was really fast, and there were a lot of arm movements incorporated with the cycling. I have never attended a cycling class myself, so observing this, I found it so interesting that there is so much exercise variation that can be done with bikes.

This was one of the hardest livestreams we have pulled off so far! We usually film at the comforts of the Lazada office (in their studios), in a static setup, so everything can be controlled quite well. We have large teleprompters guiding us with everything. For this live, we were filming on location at Electric Studios, and we had a 2 camera setup with Kristine hosting from outside, and me reporting from inside. This also meant that there were 2 audio channels with Kristine having one channel, and me having another channel. From the inside, it was also challenging as I had to just speak and speak until I was told to stop, as I was not physically with Kristine to see when she would need to speak again.

We pulled it off still! The team left the venue with a strong sense of fulfillment that day as this was really difficult. I know news teams have been doing offshore reporting for ages, but of course, there are different dynamics with online livestreams. To add, everything is so new with e-commerce that this whole concept of livestreams itself still is new to the industry.

And yaaay a photo of me and Kristine: 

With Julia and Donny from Lazada: 

And Cha, Lala, Auds, Raven, and Johndel from L'Oréal: 

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