Sorry for this throwback post!!! I wasn't able to update the blog immediately about this. But woohooo I was also finally able to do a Shopee Live the other month! Kristine and I were back to promote L'Oréal group's promotions for International Women's Day. 

You can check out the video here: 

And here's  a BTS photo! Shopee's studio has a sofa and all sorts of furniture they use as props. This time they didn't ad in the shelves to the background anymore. They had us on the couch with the products in front of us. We didn't do lapels for this live, so instead they had a large boom mic in front of us. To keep the table neat, we would keep just the products and glorifiers (the mii shelves). The mirrors would be on the floor, and we would keep the tambourine and other stuff on our laps or behind us. 

And a photo with Auds!!! 

Another photo with L'Oréal peeps Audrey (in pink), Cha (in stripes), Chen (in overalls). And of course you know the pretty Kristine. 

To those who are wondering! My earrings are from Judy and Paul, my contact lenses are Freshlook Amethyst, while my dress is from Fashion Nova. 

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