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The best thing in life is to receive samples for items you love and have already hoarded. I fell in love with Sunsilk Naturals shampoos this summer, and bought several bottles for myself. If you've been watching my IG stories, you've seen me share how it took a bit of an effort to be able to buy these last month! Now, thankfully, Sunsilk Naturals is now available in most of Sunsilk's sales channels. Moreso, it's now on Sample Room

For coconut lovers, there's now Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration! This contains coconut water to make hair hydrated and shiny. I love how this smells like!!! If you love coconuts like I do, you should definitely try this out. This has the right coconut fragrance that smells like a tropical oasis, but is mild enough to not offend the senses. Fragrance wise, this smells a lot like fellow Unilever brand's Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa range. For those who want to try it out, this costs 40 points at Sample Room. 

This shampoo is perfect for this weather, as it makes hair soft and manageable, but keeps oil levels in control. I see myself using this all year round and not just for the summer season because I have an especially oily scalp. Personally I love pairing this with Cream Silk Fresh Hydration, which unfortunately is no longer available. I wish they released this with a matching conditioner, or I wish Unilever will consider bringing back Cream Silk Fresh Hydration! 

There also now is Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness! This has watermelon and mint for fresh and volumized hair. Fragrance wise, this smells a lot like watermelon lollipops. I didn't really like the fragrance so much at first, but after a few weeks usage I got used to the smell, too. Personally, I prefer the coconut variant more if I were to choose based on scent. Like the coconut variant, this also costs 40 points at Sample Room.

This shampoo's merits shine through once you shower with this already. This brings a fresh feeling to the user due to the mint extracts in it. This is especially helpful now that the heat indices are almost always above 40º everyday. With the extreme heat these past few weeks, I feel like my head is literally overheating, so this is such a godsend. I also love that when I use this, my hair really is fluffy as promised, even after going through a very hot day. I am impressed that even if I don't use dry shampoo, my hair stays fine all day. 

And yaaay, thank you for the lovely pouch!

As well as this bag of coconut chips. I was delighted by the shampoos while my brother was delighted by these chips.

For those interested, these are now available in most department stores, drugstores, and beauty retailers. SRP is Php5/11ml sachet and Php106/170ml bottle. You can also get Coconut Hydration and Watermelon Freshness on Lazada individually or as a discounted bundle

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