Trends these days lean more on waves rather than curls. Hair is still curled, but we usually will brush and style hair to be in mermaid waves, as seen on a lot of celebs. With a strong hallyu wave (pun not intended), we're seeing a trend of softer hair styles emerging. We long abandoned the days of stiff curls, but with the heat, it's hard to hold styles on hair. The quest back then used to be for the hairspray that had the hardest hold, even if it meant we had abominable corkscrew curls. Now, the quest is for the hairspray with extreme hold, but with a soft and natural effect on the hair. It is with this understanding that TRESemmé recently released their Compressed Micro Mist hairspray. 

The TRESemmé team sweetly sent me two of the four variants for this range. They have Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, with level 4 having the strongest hold. The difference between this and other hairsprays is that the mist is fine and comes with a patented compression spray technology. This means that hair can be thoroughly coated to protect it from humidity and frizz, have a soft texture, but have the hairstyle maintained for a long time. Hence the #StyleWithoutStiffness hashtag.

Level 2: Smooth (available at Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon) is the level wherein the hold is medium strength but the look is naturally smooth and soft.

Level 4: Extend (available at Lazada and Shopee) is all about providing all day hold for all your hairstyles. 

I recently attended Cream Silk's Vibrance Studio with Pia Wurtzbach, and at the hairstyling booth they had all the hairsprays on display. Level 1: Texture is all about a long-lasting but touchable hold. Level 3: Boost is the most recommended for curls as it is at the balance of providing a stronghold without compromising volume. I am sorry I do not remember which one of the four was used on me, but I can be sure it is from this collection.

This is me after getting my hair done. Thank you Reymark of Lourd Ramos salon for styling my hair! Reymark went for a really quick style as the program was already starting while I was getting my hair done. He had to curl bigger sections of hair together than usual to make it faster to do. He used TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist to set it in place. This is the result wherein the style looks soft, and feels wise, it doesn't feel like hair is hardened into chunks.

And this is my hair a little while later. The waves have dropped a bit, but the general structure is still very visible. I'm happy that my hair is holding up well even if it doesn't feel like there's any styling product on it. My hair is so curl and wave resistant that usually it takes so much hairspray that by the time the curl holds up, it's already unnaturally stiff. Here, it's far from stiff and moves along with me.

When I got home about 4 hours later, the waves still held up surprisingly well, despite the simplified styling method. Usually, if my hair is not curled in really small sections, set for hours, and showered with hairspray, the curls won't even get through 2 hours. Here, it held up quite well.

I asked mom to try it out as she has curly hair and is always using hairspray. She appreciated how it doesn't turn your hair into stiff, gunky chunks, and instead, the curls look natural. Her curls felt soft but had structure all afternoon long. While her hair may be naturally curly, she needs to set it with curlers and use mousse or hairspray lest it will become frizzy. So, her goal of having curls with a natural look and feel for everyday was achieved through this product. 

 She, like me, also took some time to see what amount is actually already enough because this has a very unnoticeable hold. You think it's not holding your curls, but it already is, so take care to not overspray. 

The new TRESemmé Micro Mist is available at Watsons stores nationwide and e-commerce channels, Lazada and Beauty MNL, for Php435 SRP. For more information and how-tos, visit https://www.TRESemmé.com/ph oréPH/.

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