Kyaaaaa my first solo Lazada live!!! Thank you for the trust, L'Oréal. 

This livestream also excited me so much because I personally have been waiting for Maybelline Made For All lipstick collection to come to the Philippines. I perfectly understand the struggle because as someone who reviews makeup, it's sooo hard to recommend things to people online. I need to see the person and see the skintone, undertone, personality, preferences, to be able to recommend colors that will suit the person overall. With this new collection, as far as lipsticks are concerned, all the guesswork and the uncertainty have been eradicated.

Here's the livestream!!!

The Maybelline Made For All collection is basically the 7 representative lipstick shades that Maybelline curated. They had a group of 50 women try out 2500 lipsticks in 2 days, and the most flattering fuchsia, plum, pink, mauve, red, ruby and spice were selected. I'm thankful for my models who came and tried out the shades with me! Thank you Bianca, Lala, and Meggy.

And another one for the team!!! With Bea, Johndel, and Raven from L'Oréal and Rina and Julia from Lazada.

Till the next one! 

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