Pearls always help to complete any and every outfit. Maybe that's why AVON thought about making lipsticks with the shimmer of 4000 prismatic pearls! Say hello to Mark Lip Prism

Each lipstick comes in a showstopping, unapologetically intense shade, for a look that makes a bold statement wherever you go. Of course, with the help of the prismatic pearls, lips look healthy and fresh, without the drying look or feel matte lipsticks can give. The lipsticks come in satin finishes, with a lovely melon fragrance, for lips that will surely get kissed! 

I personally was really excited about this because I myself don't use a lot of matte lippies anymore.  My makeup look now relies a lot on lip tints and lipsticks that are intense and bright enough to be used as lip tints. My lips are soooo dry that I need lip balm at least 5x a day. Any lippie that cannot be mixed with lip balm is already automatically off of my regularly used list. I only use liquid lipsticks these days when I'm attending events or doing livestreams, but even then I only use lippies that work well with lip balms. So of course, I was thrilled to be seeing this new formulation that's soft, lightweight, and flexible, but with colors so mercilessly intense. 

There are 10 shades, featuring a good representation of the spectrum of nudes, reds, and pinks. I'm featuring 9 of the 10 showstopping shades they have:

P02 Celestial Crush
A light but bright baby pink. 

P03 Futuristic Dreams
A cheerful fuchsia shade. 

P05 Blast Off
A reddish plum shade. 

P06 Aura On 
A lovely light coral pink. 

P07 Energy Flash
A coral shade, like this year's Pantone color of the year. 

P08 Reflective Scandal
A showstopping, merciless blue-based red. 

P11 Nude Eclipse
A nude spice shade. This'll surely look flattering on a lot of skintones.

P13 Interstellar Love
A nude mauve shade.

P14 Hyper Fusion
A deep burgundy shade. 

Each lipstick retails for Php299 at or from your nearest AVON lady. Each lipstick is 3.6g, and is sure to go a long way. And no need to be apologetic about sporting such unapologetic shades, because people who have issues about too much makeup are merely people with too many unresolved insecurities!

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