Linis Sabon lang? Kulang! 

I actually don't even know how that's supposed to feel like because when I started using feminine washes, I was already using pH Care. After like over 10 years with the brand, I trust pH Care with my life. I'm actually preparing for a trip right now, it dawned on me that pH Care is the only thing I cannot forget because I can find almost any kind of toiletries abroad, but not pH Care. 

pH Care is the only brand that really works for everyday use as it's pH 5.5. The reason why it's the only brand for me is that it's the only brand to come in a decent lather, with pleasant fragrances.

pH Care Cool Wind is the perfect choice for those who are obsessed with cleanliness because it has ActiveCool technology to give a cool and clean feel after use. I know I've said this several times before, but there was this time wherein I was fresh from an exam, and I muttered into the air "Oh I don't have pH Care anymore." and like all of a sudden my classmates were like "Me too!!!" and then we suddenly had this congregation and we confirmed that we all love pH Care Cool Wind. 

For those who are busy, there are also wipes. This, I think, will be especially helpful to keep a clean feel during red days. If you can't shower the soonest, this is also your life hack to stay Linis Presko all day long. 

Why settle for linis sabon when pH Care has #GotYouGirl! It's budget-friendly to be linis presko as pH Care Cool Wind is only Php27 for 30mL, Php115 for 150mL, and Php41 for feminine wipes.  

P.S. Thank you pH Care for the tumbler! Highly appreciated. :D 

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