The next beauty 'it' item may be in our medicine cabinets all along! 

The past few years in the beauty world have been all about releases with shock factor, cute packaging, and celeb collaborations left and right. It's a competition in newer formats, formulations, and secret ingredients. I think it's great to embrace technology and how this intertwines with skincare, as we have more and more advanced techniques to tackle skin problems. But some things never lose value or relevance in our lives, so let's look at some trusty items from Apollo Skin Care

Before all else, may I just commend the team for such a lovely seeding kit?! My whole family squealed in delight upon seeing this candy machine inspired kit.

They also did send real candies in the form of these jellybeans. Thank you! 

Okay so let's check out the products! 

There's Apollo Petroleum Jelly which is sourced from the USA. Petroleum jelly has long had many uses in treating chafed and dry skin. You can use this as lip balm, or on your knees and elbows where cracked skin usually appears. This is also good for people with dry heels. Of course, this is the ultimate baby savior from diaper rashes. You can also use petroleum jelly on your pets when they're having cracked paws! 

Petroleum jelly can also be used to prevent beauty boo-boos as you can use this as a 'shield' to prevent nail polish from staining the sides of your nails. You can use petroleum jelly on the parts of your forehead during dyeing to prevent dye stains.  You can also use this to remove waterproof makeup, or any other stuck makeup you're having a problem with. In hindsight, when I got my eyebrowdery, I had to use petroleum jelly to prevent my eyebrows from getting wet during the first few days! 

It goes without saying that this can be used to lubricate stuck items, or basically––get anyone out of a sticky situation. 

For the convenience of a lot of people, Apollo has tiny lip balm tubs as well! 

Petroleum jelly came in such huge tubs before that many people would need to transfer the jelly onto another smaller container that they could bring around today. They now have this properly labeled version of their petroleum jelly, but in a tiny tub that can easily fit into your pocket or pouch. 

For those who are into a very simple and streamlined makeup routine, Apollo's Lip Balm in Pretty Pink already doubles as a lippie! I know of so many people who are into the no-makeup makeup look, or people who really just like a few functional products to make them look presentable. This is surprisingly a good item for men as well. A lot of male K-pop stars have been spotted with their makeup artists applying something like this onto their lips. It's perfect for guys as the pink color of this kind of lip balm format is sheer, so it helps to make the wearer reduce paleness and have a healthy look without looking weird. 

And at this point, the hashtag #RediscoverBeauty already applies to me as prior to doing this post, I do not know what Sebo De Macho is for! I never really understood what it did, but I knew that almost all households had it. Ours just happened to not have it...

Sooo a quick Google search and tons of info came upon how this is an effective scar lightener. And this is apparently made from sheep fat! I thought that since it's named 'sebo de macho' then it must be the oil of a macho guy and might be used similarly as hair pomade. Whelp I'm so glad I clarified that part. 

People in forums specified that you had to use this on newly healed wounds for the product to take effect on the scars. It can be used on all sorts of scars, so long as it's newly healed. Some people have also reported having whiter underarms after an extended period of using Sebo De Macho on the area. Perhaps the product is working on the scars brought about by shaving and plucking.  

The best part is this is so affordable that you can try this on a newly healed wound immediately. If it works, then good. If it doesn't work, at least it's just a low investment, and you have ample time to buy silicone-based scar gels (which can work on scars up to 2 years old). 

Indeed, the next 'it' item may just be in our medicine cabinets all along! 

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