While so many teeth whitening bars have popped up out of nowhere, it's not something everyone will be able to comfortably do. Teeth whitening usually ends up being quite expensive, and also quite time-consuming as you'd have to sit in the bar for an extended period of time. You'd also have to do it for many sessions to see results! 

Thankfully, CloseUp has a much simpler way to whiter teeth with CloseUp White Attraction! The new toothpaste releases can be easily integrated into anyone's routine, and visible results can be seen in as early as two weeks. The best part is that their two variants Natural Glow and Natural Smile can be availed at Sample Room for free.

CloseUp White Attraction Natural Smile is infused with a natural blend of sea salt and lemon, to help users achieve fresh breath and white teeth. The sale helps to kinda provide grit to remove stains, but of course for visible results, one really needs to be brushing after each meal for at least two weeks.

CloseUp White Attraction Natural Glow has a blend of bamboo charcoal and coconut extract to help gently polish and purify teeth. This is designed to help illuminate one's smile. And of course, there are bamboo charcoal bits in it to help in removing strains. 

Each tube of CloseUp White Attraction is SRP Php76 for 100mL, and is available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets. Or you can snag it for 25 points at Sample Room

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