Recently, Cetaphil launched its National Healthy Skin Mission and had several roadshows to educate Filipinos on what healthy skin really is and how to achieve it. In the Philippine context, we're often after light, glowing skin. But glowing skin doesn't always mean healthy skin because we're a country so obsessed with harsh whitening products. Healthy skin should be even-toned, have a good texture, be hydrated, and have normal sensations. It's possible to have glowing, white skin, but it could be dry and uneven. It's also possible to use so many products but not achieve healthy skin if you're using products not apt for your skin type. 

These days, with the hype over 10 step skincare routines, what I think it's actually just doing is driving away noobs from even trying. To build a simple regimen is already hard enough for most people given our extreme state of traffic and forlorn transportation infrastructure. Most people leave home so early and literally come home just to sleep, that 10 step routines are unrealistic for many. Skincare is so important, but it needn't be so complicated if you don't want it to be. 

Cetaphil is simplifying the whole process with a simple 3 step regimen: Cleanse, Moisturize, Protect.

Given our bad state of pollution, of course, this is the step I'm sure everyone has mastered by heart by now. Finding the right cleanser for your skin type may be tricky at times, especially if your skin type varies within a period of time. For those kinds of woes, there's the universally acclaimed Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It works for all skin types, works on both face and body, and basically, it's the HG mild cleanser that hydrates as it cleanses. 

Most people, unfortunately, stop at cleansing and don't do anything else about their routine... There are also lots of people who stay away from moisturizers thinking that their skin is too oily for them to need it. Oil is different from hydration, so while skin can be oily, it can also be dehydrated at the same time! For those who are looking for lightweight hydration without having to think about skin types or product types, there's Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for that. This also works on both face and body. 

Most people associate suncare with vacations and beach trips, partly due to how most sunscreen ads are created in such a way to evoke vacations and such. But the sun is there 24/7! When we walk to work or school, when we carry out our errands, the sun is there and is damaging our skin. AND! Filipinos are usually so afraid of the sun darkening the skin, but the sun actually does more than that. Dryness, premature aging, dark spots, and basically almost all other skin woes are caused by the sun. Whatever skin care you're using, if you don't use sun care, you'll end up wasting the effects of your skincare by subjecting your skin to sun damage. 

Okay now that my lecture's done, y'all should try Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Light Gel. It's also for face and body, yay! 

For those who want an expanded routine, Cetaphil also has an Ultra Gentle Body Wash which is fragrance-free. This is perfect for those who are having a hard time looking for unscented options in the market. 

Here are their core products: 

Hoping everyone makes the right steps to healthier skin!

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