Apparently, September is self-care awareness month! Who knew? 

We're all always busy with the hustle and bustle of work. And unfortunately, after being overworked during the day, it's yet another battle with traffic to get home. Self-care is one of those kinds of things that's so important, but something that we really can't execute elaborately in modern life. It's a compromise, but it's better to do little things each day to keep ourselves sane, rather than let ourselves really go insane. 

Alaska understands that, so they sent over a care package filled with their yummy Yoghurt Milk Drink, and some other self-care goodies. Thank you!

Yoghurt is long known for all its health and digestive benefits, but this time, it's also a little treat y'all can have for your sanity! I really like the taste of this Strawberry one as it's not tart, and not too sour. The flavor profile is mellow enough that it's truly enjoyable to have.

And for those who aren't into strawberries, they have it in Blueberry flavor, too! 

Aaaaand it was so sweet of them to have sent over all these other items!!!

I got berry mask sheets...

A berry scented candle... 

Berry cute stickers!

And a berry neat notebook. 

Thank you berrrrrry much, Alaska! 

And be sure to try their Yoghurt Milk Drink if you see it on grocery shelves near you! 

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