I was gone for a month, so this is my first Lazada live since coming back. Thank you to those who tuned in Kristine and my live for the Lazada 9.9 sale 2019!

Y'all can check it out here! Thank you also to everyone who tuned in to the livestream via the Lazada app.

I'm also so sorry to all those who had a hard time guessing my lipstick shade! We were made to mix two shades by the brand, and in hindsight, correctly guessing 2 out of 34 possible shades in less than 10 minutes is nerve-wracking. I wore Lover and Seductress for this live. Lover matches my clothes well, while Seductress helped to tone down the color and add some peach to it. 

And yes I took this photo because I know y'all are always curious about how it looks like behind the scenes! The livestreams have come a really long way, and they now usually have legit backdrops, signages, and complete studio setup. 

Me and the team. Huhu sorry Rap you got blurred out!!! 

And of course, I wouldn't have done it with my sweetheart co-host, Kristine.

Till the next one! 

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