These days, self-doubt is the worst enemy. It's normal, I guess. We live in a world with so many people and too little resources, that there really is such a heavy burden placed on the shoulders of the current generation. I think that most millennials and Gen Z's will have existential crises in their lives, that I feel that taking care of the little things matters more than trying to tackle big problems as a whole. 

Self-doubt is quite broad and encompasses confidence problems. Confidence comes from within, but minding the little things like styling and makeup can do a lot. Of course, there's also CloseUp to give the confidence to strike a conversation with people we're interested in. 

They sent in all sorts of cute stuff to help #MakeYourMove! 

Thank you for the mug!

I also got socks and a cap, which I think will come useful in future OOTD's. 

Of course, they sent in the star of the show, CloseUp. We've known for ages that CloseUp uniquely has an anti-bacterial mouthwash in its gel formulation, for up to 12 hours of fresh breath. Long-lasting fresh breath, of course, means that we're free to love and free to approach more people.

The interesting thing is that they also sent in this mini box of conversation starters. 

As for pick-up lines, I can't think of the best. But I think the worst was that I was targeted by pickup artists at a mall recently. Out of nowhere, I could hear people calling out "Miss! Miss! May tanong lang ako! Miss, miss!!!" I knew I was the 'set' so I didn't turn back no matter what. It was crowded at the time, so thankfully I got them off my tracks easily. I've read much scarier and uncomfortable pickup stories on the internet, and it saddens me. It's definitely the wrong way to make the first move. I think that's exactly the kind of interaction that is the opposite of what CloseUp's #FreeToLove campaign is all about. In an increasingly digitalized world, instead of shallow pickups, we should really focus on more meaningful discussions and relationships.

For 3 things that attract me to a person, I don't know if I've talked about it here on the blog before, but I'm drawn to people who are ambitious, driven, and humble. I'm into people who know what they want, are hungry for it, but do not let successes get into their heads too much. I've seen so many people get drunk with their success and it really irks me so much. If I see someone who is humble and modest about success, ah, I'll never get tired talking to that person. 

Indeed, while we're ridden with self-doubt, we shouldn't hesitate to make the right first move! 

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