Tried out a high fashion pose coz I got a chic bag with me! 

It was so nice to have witnessed the launch of M. Baldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection. It started out simply because the owners bought a painting from Manuel Baldemor, and then one thing led to another, and now we have a 3 piece collection featuring M. Baldemor masterpieces. 

Upfront, I really like how the three bags are big, spacious, and practical to use. I only have very few small bags, and actually, I use those sparingly. Manila traffic means we need to bring our entire houses with us wherever we go because we never know what to expect. So I'm really happy, and I'm sure y'all are gonna be happy once you see the bags, that they're all big and spacious. 

We not only got to see the unveiling of the bags, but also got to marvel at M. Baldemor artworks at Ronac Art Center. They had an explanation of how flowers really encompass a lot of aspects of life.

And of course, a profile of the artist and of Beabi, which is celebrating its 10th year! What started out as a mission of OC-neatness led to 10 years of smart storage solutions!

Oh lawd his paintings are breathtaking. I was speechless seeing a lot of them. My mom does watercolor as well, and though I have never tried painting formally, I have heard a lot of the technicalities from her. Watercolor paper, when wet, will be a malleable canvas, but once it's dry, you just can't decide to paint over it again. It will smudge and blotch all over the place. This is why watercolor is almost deemed as a one-sitting kind of art.  

But when you look at his works closely, you'll see that there are several layers of watercolor that have been dried and painted on in different sessions. He's just really so good with planning what layers to put together, and how to execute it without smudges or blotching.

Looking at his artworks, I was quite certain more collaborations are yet to come. He's so good at capturing the vivacity of flowers and translating them into soft and delicate layers. I hope y'all catch these works when you visit Ronac.

What also amused me a lot is he used metallic watercolor as a topping to his painting!!! Just like how I use glitter eyeshadow to top my eyeshadow looks ahihihi

It looks so pretty up close! 

Okay! As for the chosen paintings! These three paintings were chosen to be made into the bags. They're entitled Amazing Grace, Flowers Are a Joy Forever, and Flowers Speak From The Heart.

This is the Amazing Grace bag: 

Flowers Are A Jor Forever Bag: 

Flowers Speak From The Heart Bag: 
(This is the bag that I chose as it's very nicely shaped for laptops, tablets, and textbooks! This also has a zipper, which is why I feel that it's really practical)

M. Baldemor with Willin Chan and Winnie Go of Beabi: 

For size reference, here I am posing with the Amazing Grace bag! It's big enough to be a baby bag, so while this is not the bag I went home with, I'm so happy it exists in this practical and functional ginormous size. 

They had, of course, a short program to unveil the bags. The lovely Valerie Tan was the MC. 

“A simple flower...has a certain peace and tranquility you can take into yourself,” Baldemor said. “(They) are universal, and a symbol of love and peace. They speak directly to our hearts and have their own secret and unspoken language of diplomacy.” 

And of course, they gladly unveiled the bags. In general, most people were happy that the bags were practical to use in today's terrible urban situation, but had designs that were beautifully uplifting.

After the unveiling, the artist stayed to sign bags and pose for selfies. 

Our photo was blurry, but at least there's one! 

And a selfie with Tina whom I haven't seen in ages! 

With Kaye

And achi Wendy

And Frances, whom I met for the first time in real life! 

The M. Baldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection limited edition bags will retail for P2,495 each. The entire collection will be available at all beabi stores nationwide as well as online at until stocks last. 

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