Who wants K-Pop star supple lips? (Vaseline knows we all do!)
Who wants to go to Korea to see said K-Pop stars? (Vaseline also knows we all do!)

Vaseline knows all that, so they are selecting a winner who will receive a free trip for 2 to Korea! All you need to do is to post on Instagram until November 15, 2019, using #ReadyForThisJelly and #VaselineLipPH. Show how Vaseline Lip Balm helps you get ready for a trip to Korea! 

Thank you so much Vaseline for sending more lip balms my way! 

Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balms are what I use to mix with lipsticks and lip tints. My lips are just so dry that I really almost cannot apply any lip product without applying lip balm first. I also have Carmex and Lucas Papaw, but since those are thick, I can't really integrate those well with lipsticks. I usually use those two at night or when I'm at home. Vaseline's lip balms are thin and wispy enough to go as a good base without interfering much with the color or texture of the lipstick I want to wear. 

This is also why I rarely use liquid lipstick!!! I can't wear a lip balm underneath liquid lipstick, so I'll prime my lips with lip balm, and then wipe it off right before applying liquid lipstick. And then after 4-6 hours my lips are already starting to crack and all. 

Don't even lecture me on water because I drink 4-6L of water a day!!! I really just am cursed with my dad's dry lips gene I cry...

Sooo after a year with the lip balms I previously received, my Rosy Lips lip balm is already 2/3 consumed! I bring this one out with me everyday, and then use this right before applying a lip tint. If you naturally have rosy lips, the light pink tint this gives is already enough. But if you're really really pale like me, you're still bound to need a lip tint on top of this. 

I'm also 2/3 done with my original lip tint. I have this in my lip tint drawer, and whenever I apply makeup in the mornings, I apply this first before putting on lip tint or lipstick. This is the base I use. Of course, it has no relation to making lipsticks last longer. I just use this because my lips are really so dry. 

I already use apply lip balm 4-6 times a day, but still have dry lips all the time due to bad genes. This is why I really need to have a healthy supply of goodies like Vaseline Lip Therapy! 

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