If you're looking for last-minute gifts, or just wanna spoil yourself during the 12.12 sale, here are 3 essential items from EB Advance you need to add to cart right now! These are from their newer releases, so it amazes me how they are really gonna go all the way with the crazy deals and discounts on 12.12. Y'all need to be adding to cart now, so I wanna just go through these items briefly...

1.) EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick (From Php180 to 81!!!)
EB Advance has had their Matte Matic Lipsticks for quite some time now, but what's special is that they recently launched three new shades in this format. EB fans will know that these new shades are already existing in the Ever Bilena universe, but previously have not been made in this format yet. With a smooth texture, wearable shades, and practical color-matching packaging, this is an ideal gift for the holidays. A lot of the shades in this collection, whether from the first release or this new release, are universally flattering, so this is definitely something worth looking at. 
EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipsticks

Cashmere Blush up close:
EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick in Cashmere Blush

Muted Coral up close:
EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick in Muted Coral

Stripped Sepia up close:
EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick In Stripped Sepia

2.) EB Advance Vinyl Gloss (From Php125 to 56.25!!!)
Lip gloss is slowly making a resurgence! The Philippines is so humid, and it's common for people to commute in un-airconditioned vehicles, which is why lip gloss can be especially uncomfortable to use as dust and hair can get stuck onto it. For many years, it's for this reason that brand managers have been hesitant to churn out glosses after the lip gloss trend died. But for this vinyl gloss, it's not sticky, it's not annoyingly oily, and it 's lightweight–– it wants to shout to the world that it's not from the nightmarish lip glosses of yesteryears. 
EB Advance Vinyl Gloss

This looks reddish in photos, but in real life, it's only slightly pink once applied. This very sheer formulation makes this a very good topper for any other kind of lippie. For those who want a gloss that will go pink on the lips, Careline's lip gloss is the right choice. This one from EB Advance, for me, works more as a supporter for other lippies, or as a medium to apply pigments or glitters onto the other parts of the face. 
EB Advance Vinyl Gloss Zoom

3.) EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight (From Php299 to 89.55!!!)
EB Advance has had its Glow Out Highlighters since late 2017 or early 2018 if I remember correctly. I do remember very vividly that it was so in demand that it was so hard to get stocks!

What's special about this is that they came up with a new shade as of late, and also took into consideration the opinions of netizens and customers. The first two shades, Strobe and Candlelight, were chunkier and more glittery, and while those are good characteristics in a highlighter for highlight addicts like me, it's not everyone's cup of tea. They came up with this new champagne shade, but made is smoother and a little tamer on the glitters while still packing a lot of illumination. 
EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight

The value for money is amazing even at the full price, because with a pan this big and this deep, it'll probably take someone one whole year to use up one of these, even if the person were to use it everyday!!! I've hit the pan with some of my highlighters, but even then it took me almost a year to do so! 

EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight

Look at it, just look at it! I don't even need to say anything anymore at this point. Just go and add to cart now!
EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter In Spotlight

I did hoard quite a lot of Ever Bilena items during the 11.11 sale, so I hope to churn out reviews for them soon. But for now, all I can say is to add to cart and get ready!

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