Our malls have been blessed with AmorePacific babies Etude House, innisfree, and Laneige in the past years. We've also had luck getting IOPE and Sulwhasoo from reputable online retailers. This 2019, we will be blessed once more with another Amore Pacific baby as Espoir is finally here in our area! 

The brand story of Espoir is all about not caring about what others think, but instead, focusing on the core of discovering your own beauty and charm. The goal is to focus on back to basics makeup, but to make products so good that these will that really enable the consumer to do the best kind of back to basics makeup ever possible. As such, the brand is committed to making base makeup that'll make the wearer look immaculately flawless, as well as lip products for every kind of mood and phase in the consumer's everyday life. The brand is also committed to making the color palettes of their products have Asian skin tones and needs in mind. 

Here are the top 3 core items y'all should get at their popup at SM Makati from December 20-22, 2019, and thereafter in their future stores:

First off, primer! Espoir Dewy Face Glow is a magic elixir that works to provide illumination and suppleness to the skin. Basically, it's like a good night's sleep in a bottle. I find it to be like a primer-tone up cream hybrid with pearl pigments in it for the glow and hyaluronic acid for bouncy skin.

This is designed to help your skin absorb moisture from the air with the hyaluronic acid in it, which I think makes a lot of sense given how cold and dry it can get in Korea during the winter months. But even taking the season out of the considerations, extreme pollution and stress make our skin dull, that it helps to have a product that can help combat dullness and dryness. 

If you look closely, there are micro pearl pigments in the product. It's mostly white with a tiny, tiny, tiny tint of pink. What actually came into my mind first when I pumped this out is how good it smells!!! It's got this light, powdery floral fragrance. It's really light and refreshing that even people who dislike fragrances will not have problems with this product. 

Once it's blended in, it's designed to make skin illuminated. Here it is when half-blended. There's definitely no glittery touch to it (in case some of you were worried!), and instead, there's a bright aura with the pearl pigments reflecting the light. I love how it feels emollient, but also feels like it can adhere to the skin well and not make makeup slip off. But I have yet to roadtest how this'll fare against cakiness, and whether this can keep its dewy effect throughout the day and not transform to oiliness. 

I'm truly honored to be finally able to try a K-beauty cult favorite! Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25+++ won in Olive Young's 2019 awards, was a PowderRoom February 2019 Hit Item, and was among Allure Korea 2018's Editors' Picks With the extremely quick turnover of new products in the K-Beauty scene, it is an incredibly amazing feat for a single product to win that many awards. To add, with Olive Young as a retailer, PowderRoom as an aggregate beauty site, and Allure as a publication, it shows that people from various sides of the beauty industry are amazed by this product. 

I have high hopes for this product as it's really glowy, with no powder in the formulation, and really moist. This is a highly raved item for wintertime as it works to make skin really moist and fresh even with dry weather, but I have yet to see how this will fare against the Philippine heat. This promises all day radiance, so we'll see...

I'm so excited about this as I'm tired of matte foundation looks in general. I actually have been piling on so much highlighter as of late to combat the matte finish of a lot of the existing foundations I have. I'm looking for foundations that give dewy looks and a glowing finish as I have really dull skin, and also, because I'm pale, I need to pay attention that my base makeup doesn't make me look any paler than I already am. 

This shade I got is 25NC, which is technically like shade 25 in BB Creams. This has a yellow undertone. 

But thus far, I've been impressed by its good coverage. It was able to cover my veins even with just a thin layer. I'm also excited that since the formulation is not powdery, it is not likely to cake. In the Philippine heat, we really just need to set foundation with powder. But sometimes, setting matte foundation with powder doesn't necessarily make the wearer extra immune to oiliness, but just makes the wearer prone to cakiness and patchy makeup. 

This, I think, will work best with wispy no sebum Korean setting powders. The more fine milled, the better, so that the really refined and filter-like effect of the foundation can be maintained and prolonged.

Gosh! The lipsticks are also so beautiful! This is Espoir Colorful Nude Lipstick Nowear, which is their range of MLBB lipsticks. There are four other shades in this release, but I'm really happy to get Memento as it's the coral pink shade in the collection! I think the folks from Espoir nicely stalked my blog and saw one of my 10000 posts exalting coral pink shades...

It's so pretty, isn't it? Not to mention the packaging is also amazing! 

Coral pinks work so well when you're really pale like me. 

I have been told by brand managers that Pinays tend to stay away from coral pinks for fear that it'll look bad on morena skin, but I think it's just a matter of finding the right coral pink. Because in my case, while every lipstick in the world looks good on my pale skin, I have to be very careful about blush. A lot of blushes end up looking too loud or bruise-like on me, so I select orange shades and mauve shades carefully. But it doesn't mean I can't use orange nor mauve blush. I think it's important to think about it that way rather than eliminating an otherwise beautiful color family from one's beauty arsenal. 

Espoir will have its popup store launch at SM Makati on December 20, 2019, and they've prepared a lot of activities and surprises until December 22, 2019! Be there or be square...

For more information on store expansions, launches, and other activities of the newest Amore Pacific brand to grace our malls, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They're also gonna do giveaways and contests on their pages, so be sure to follow so you don't miss out! 

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