The 12.12 sale is coming up! Yasss! 
Careline sweetly sent over a lot of their newest releases!!! Yaaaaassss!!!

Thank you so much, Careline! 

A lot of the new releases (which will start to be available during the sale) will already have crazy discounts on the day of the sale, so I think it'll be exciting for a lot of Careline fans. I actually also bought quite a lot of Careline items from the 11.11 sale, and I was immensely delighted with my purchases!! For those reasons, I thought about collating them all in this post. Whether you're shopping for yourself or rushing last-minute gifts, maybe these products are what you're supposed to be adding to cart now!

1.) Careline Oil Control Blush On (From Php95 to 42.75!!!)
They have new shades! I love how they made the shades more morena friendly this time around. I myself have yet to roadtest these shades and see how they'll work on my super pale skin, but I'm excited for a lot of morenas whom I know will look so beautiful with these blushes. I love all the new brick shades they have, which are more reflective of current trends and market needs. 

Careline Oil Control Blush On

From left to right, Berry Pop, Orange Bliss, Red Velvet and Pinch of Plum
Careline Oil Control Blush On

2.) Careline Multi-Sticks (Php199 SRP, but sale prices will vary depending on the variant chosen!)
Whatever your problem in life is, there is bound to be a Careline Multi-Stick for you! They've long been at it with primer sticks, contour sticks, and various blush and highlight sticks. This time, they released Berry and Coral sticks for blush sticks, and Beam and Flush sticks for highlight sticks. These are really chubby sticks and pack a lot of product for Php199, so regardless of how little or large the sale discount ends up to be, these will be practical additions to anyone's vanity drawer. The blush sticks can be used on the lips and eyes, while the highlight sticks can also be used on the eyes, and I'm sure I'll think of more uses for these as I go. 
Careline Multi Sticks in Berry, Coral, Beam and Flush

3.) Careline Soft Suede Lipsticks (Going from Php165 to 74.25!!!)
These are sooo gorgeous that I hoarded all the shades I could during the 11.11 sale. Popular shades ran out fast, so I'm just hoping to snag Mood during the sale to complete the collection. I really love this whole autumn-themed collection with a heavily brick leaning color scheme. I also like how the rendition is sophisticated, but still very wearable for many Filipinas. Korean brands doing autumn shades will usually lean too much on the yellow side of it, the sienna side of it, without much mauve or spice to it, which might make it tricky to find a good shade. 

From left to right: Fire, Icon, Spice, Trophy, and Vibe. 
Careline Soft Suede Lipstick in Fire, Icon, Spice, Trophy, and Vibe

4.) Careline Lip and Cheek Tint (going from Php95 to 42.75!!!)
 Like EB Advance, Careline also has a lot of mauve and brick themed lip and cheek tints, which I think will delight a lot of shoppers. As it is, it's already affordable at Php95 each, but at Php42.75 it'll make really good stocking stuffers. 
Careline Lip and Cheek Tint in Sweet Mocha

5.) Careline Diamond Dream Highlighter (Going from Php135 to 60.75!!!)
I also hoarded these three during the 11.11 sale!!! Reviews were generally positive, and generally, I prefer powder highlighter over stick highlighter, so I thought I'd get them. I also like that these generally are on the shimmery pearl side, which complements its EB Advance counterparts that are mercilessly chunky and intense. It's got this soft feel to it, and these'll also work well on the inner corners on the lids thanks to the bright shades and soft pearl texture.  

From left to right: Front Seat, Glazed Glory, and Eye Candy

Careline Diamond Dream Highlighter in Front Seat, Glazed Glory, and Eye Candy

6.) Careline Wow Brow Liner (Php150, but we never know if they'll throw in a sale!)
These are new babies from Careline! For those who have been following Thai trends, they're into brow lifts (as in they'll sort of perm your brow hairs so they'll point up and look bushier) as of late, which of course comes as a way to cater to the bushy brow trend. This is one of the product for those who want bushy brows, as it comes with a fine side and a triangular side. You can draw baby hairs using the fine side, and shade using the triangular side. I have also seen people do the opposite, so it really is whatever works for you. This product gives you the potential to achieve whatever brow look you're going for.

7.) Careline Graph-Ink Liner (From Php165 to 74.25!!!)
The famous Careline eyeliner is surprisingly gonna be on sale!!! I'm so thankful to Careline for sending this as this is one of the items I was eyeing on buying for myself during the sale. I've been seeing a lot of people, from influencers to happy customers, post selfie after selfie of sharp, precise eyeliner. It's so solidly black that it manifests amazingly in photos that I'm really excited to be trying this out. 
Careline Graph-Ink Liner

8.) Blythe Face Palette Set (Php490 to 220.50 for BOTH Palettes!!!)
I hoarded these during the 11.11 sale as well! I was in Japan during the launch of the brand, so I browsed general public reception during brand launch. Thus far, the feedback has been good on how the brand is able to bring in a lot of indie shades at affordable prices. For these face palettes in specific, I heard that while the eyeshadows are not super pigmented if used alone, a lot of people were delighted with the giant pans of lip and cheek tint each one came with. But as it is, 4 eyeshadows and giant cream blush for Php245 is already super affordable to begin with!

Blythe Face Palettes

The left one is the Eclipse palette while the right one is the Twilight palette:
Blythe Face Palette Eyeshadows in Eclipse and Twilight

Blythe Face Palette Cheek Tints in Eclipse and Twilight

9.) Blythe Starlight Eyes Set (All 3 from Php585 to 263.25!!!)
Last to be mentioned in this post, but definitely not the least of my 11.11 haul! I've actually asked the geniuses behind EB to come up with eye glitter, and at the time last year, they weren't really sure if they could do so as eye glitter is more of a niche product than a staple product. I guess there was also clamor from other sides, and it fit well into the whole outer space theme Andrea was going for with Blythe, so it made sense to add these in. While I always find myself using eye glitters, I know not everyone is the same, and some will also be hesitant to try it out. I recommend this for those who want to explore glitter as it's not as crazy as the other glitters I own, is wearable for the most part, and is also pretty affordable. 

Blythe Starlight Eyes Set

The 12.12 sale is the last hurrah for the year, so I hope y'all add to cart now and snag your Careline favorites!

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