Hurry, sale ends on December 17th! Nippon Esthetic goodies are up to 20% off, with various deals and discounts storewide. 

But even if there weren't any sale, I was actually quite surprised that these human hair lashes sent to my by Nippon are only at about Php200 per pair.  I don't remember human hair lashes being this affordable, and as it is, there are so many lashes that cost more but are still uglier than these. 

Anyways, here are the lash styles!

Densely distributed medium and long hair lash fibers, tapering on both ends. 

Medium length hairs, with medium-density distribution in criss-cross fashion. This works best on people who have a very defined eyelid fold and want some drama without the lashes reaching up to the brows.

A symphony of medium and short lash hairs interspersed in medium density. Perfect for those who have really big eyes and want lashes that won't overpower their entire look.

Long lash hairs, with a criss-cross arrangement, and a generally light and wispy density. Perfect for those with hooded eyelids who are looking for definition but want a natural effect. 

Medium-density lashes with criss-cross fibers. The lash hairs are medium length and taper toward the inner halves.

Really dramatic and fluttery lashes, with a generally dense distribution of lash hairs all over. The lash hairs are generally long.

Dramatic lash hairs, with generally even density all over, but shorter lash hairs towards the inner halves. This will work for those who are usually irritated by too-long lash hairs on the inner halves of falsies.

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