I tried doing blue overlays! 

So last month I attended an event of Healthy Options regarding Tints of Nature products and healthy hair coloring. We had time to discuss our hair condition with the speakers at the event, and I talked about my hair history. 

Regular readers here know that I had my hair bleached in late 2016, tried to retouch the blonde hair several times, and tried to go back to brunette in March 2017. My hair was so porous by then that I had to recolor and recolor as it would get brassy quickly, so by the time I colored it near-black in February 2018, my hair had already halved in thickness. I have really slow-growing hair, which is why I still have about 1-2 inches of damaged hair until now. I currently just want to maintain my hair to be black, and I'm more likely to get a drastic haircut than drastic color at this point because of how damaged my hair got with all the chemical treatments I got. 

Going back to my discussion with the speakers, we concluded using Tints of Nature Bold Colours in Blue to make my hair potentially sapphire black. It wasn't meant to be a bold blue shade but instead was meant to be an overlay that showed up when my hair got exposed to light. So I thought I'd share my experience. 

So for those who are curious about the information on the product, I already scanned the boxes. But the most important point is that Tints of Nature Bold Colours dye is semi-permanent and will within after 6-12 washes. The color will fade gradually with each wash. 

I got the shade Blue (Php850 per box). They have Purple, Teal, and Pink as well, each for Php850. They are also selling Pastelizers (Php850 per set) that users can mix with the Bold Colours to come up with custom pastel shades. So if you want this blue to be more of a baby powder blue, then you can get the Pastelizer. 

The kit includes the color, charcoal clarifying shampoo, a shower cap, and of course the manual plus a pair of gloves. Unlike other boxed dyes, this happens to be just one step, and the consumers do not need to mix anything. The other key difference is that while other brands want your hair to be as oily and dry (dry as in not wet, not as in damaged) as possible before coloring, Tints of Nature requires you to use the clarifying shampoo on your hair first before coloring. 

This is the dye bottle, which has 60mL of product. 

The unique selling proposition of this dye is that it is enriched with quinoa, and also lists chamomile and aloe in the ingredients. It's also is free from PPD's, PTD, and resorcinol. Generally, this is a healthier breed of hair dye, making it ideal for young people experimenting with color. This, of course, will also be a good choice for anyone who wants less hair damage and anyone who wants less exposure to harsh chemicals. 

So here's my actual usage of the product. Prior to applying this dye, I used the clarifying shampoo first and then I blow-dried my hair. 

It was quite difficult for me to make the 60mL of dye fit into my near-waist-length hair. The amount is optimal for shoulder length hair or shorter, but if your hair is as long as mine, you will need two boxes of dye. 

This dye is meant to be left for 30-40 minutes, so I was so glad that it had no strong odors whatsoever. I usually cough when I apply dye onto my hair, but with this dye, I didn't feel any respiratory irritation at all. This is as mild as it can get for dye, odor-wise. It actually came with a pleasant fragrance, although I can't really describe how it smells like. But still, like any other dye, this needs to be used in a well-ventilated area. 

This is how my hair looked like after I squeezed out about 2/3 of the bottle. Visibly, not all strands were properly coated yet. In hindsight, a lot of the 2-part dyes cover your hair fully because of how much liquid you're actually mixing when you combine the color and developer. Bubble hair dyes in the market usually also work on longer hair because of how spreadable the foam is. So yes, if your hair is as long as mine, you really need two boxes.  

This is before I used the product. 

And this is after: 

So this is also where my fatal error comes in. When I was discussing with the speakers about sapphire black, from what I understood, I needed to dye my hair black then dye it with this blue for sapphire black. But also in hindsight, colorists ask you 10000 times if you're super sure about black because once you dye your hair black, you will need to lighten or bleach it to be able to color anything over it. If your hair is colored black, overlaying another color will just make the color sink into the black. In the same vein of how you can make blue paint blacker by adding black, but not make black paint bluer by adding blue. 

Aside from the dye being too few, I also made the mistake of coloring my hair black beforehand, making the blue super faint. 

You can see some glimmers of it here... 

Here, with very strong lighting and a very specific camera angle, it can also be seen well. But in real life, I could not see it at all. I only saw it here in the photos I took, which is why I wanna tell y'all to not make the same mistake I did. Do not color your hair black beforehand for best results. 

And also, the packaging has a lot of indications that it will work best on pre-lightened hair. It really is designed for that. I just wanted to try it out as overlay and share my experience regardless of what the outcome might be. But yes, after this, I have deduced that this will only show up well on pre-bleached hair. 

Here it also shows up, but I really could not see it in real life whether under sunlight or harsh lighting. I only knew that it did penetrate my hair strands because whenever I shampooed my hair, the rinse water would be a faint blue, and then I'd also smell the dye. Thankfully, this fades faintly, and I didn't have any problems with my hair staining my towels. In some dyes I have used, even after several times of thorough shampooing and washing, I'd still see dye stains on my towel afterward. 

Overall, I think that this is a good product, and I like how it's healthier and milder. I think that the only challenge is that since we wash our hair in the Philippines every day, this will fade faster than what one would find to be ideal.  

I understand full well that my results were not optimal because of my mistakes, so I wrote this post to share what I did wrong. I think that if you don't make the same mistakes I did, you will have a pleasant experience using this dye and have desirable results. 

Tints of Nature products are available at Healthy Options outlets. 

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