Belated Merry Christmas!!!

It's been a very busy year for me. This is the year I lost my voice for a month, healed for two months, quite a job, transitioned career paths, and did a lot of linguistic stuff basically. It's also been a relatively productive year for the blog as I was able to review a lot of stuff and accomplish quite a lot of unfinished business. 

This has been a year with barely any me-time or lazing around. So today, I took things slowly and paid a visit to Serenitea!

So yes, here's what's up: decadent holiday beverages, pretty diaries, and our all-time favorite Serenitea snacks. 

Chocolate lovers are sure in for a treat with their holiday Merry Triple Chocolate and Red Velvet Santa Mocha! I have a cold, so it's actually my dad and my brother who merrily gulped these beverages. With the beverages gone immediately, I was sure these were really good. It's also a relatively warm Christmas despite the rainy weather yesterday, so these cold drinks are perfect for this very weird weather. 

As for me, I had hot Taro Milk Tea, which I loved. I also sneakily added more milk to it when I got home to make things more fun ahihi... 

And let's talk about the Diaries!!! I really like these diaries, as I'll be honest that I was overwhelmingly disappointed by a lot of the planners in the market this year. Most planners for girls have calligraphy fonts which I abhor, some were in abominable pink colors that I have no idea how people would eagerly fill up sticker booklets to have them, and basically, a lot were just downright tacky. 

In fashion and clothing, I may have a weird teenage edge going on and a lot of kawaii elements, but for a lot of my own personal belongings and interior aesthetic, I like things clean and minimalist. I'm actually not even fond of house decors like plants and ornamental lamps and figurines––I only like some framed pictures. These Diaries are perfect for me as I like the clean fonts and design. 

Both Diaries have the same interior, and I like the practical layout. There's a lot of space for each day, and I like how they indicate the week number as well as the rest of the month in the pages. I personally do a lot each day and have big handwriting, so I find the spacious boxes to be helpful. 

I also appreciate that this diary is relatively straightforward with planner pages, blank note pages, and some goalsetting and mantra pages. There were understandably a number of pages about Serenitea products, but thankfully, there weren't so many frilly artworks and self-reassurance pages that may seem cute, but in reality, never get used fully and just unnecessarily add to the total cost for the consumer. 

There are 9 discount coupons in the diary, and I'm pleased to announce that all coupons are valid for the entire fiscal year 2020 instead of just one month of the year. You technically can share the coupons with your friends and they can enjoy something within the year, instead of having to rush every month if you want to avail of a discount. 

The only thing to note is that this is a 12-month diary and ends in December 2020. To those who are expecting it to be until January 2021, please be informed.

And of course, I missed my dear Chicken Chops. I haven't been to malls in Manila much all year round, and haven't really had a chill day, so it was nice to unwind and snack around.

Serenitea's 2020 Diary is free for every single-receipt purchase of Php 1000.00, or you can buy it for Php 499.00. Promo is from Nov. 4 – Dec 31, 2019 only. These diaries are available at all Serenitea stores. 

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