New year, new products from Silkygirl!

Actually, they sent this late last year, but I wasn't able to blog about these items due to the busy holiday season. But yeah, this 2020, these are the new products you can look forward to when buying Silkygirl. 

They already brought in quite a lot of the fragrances! I was also amazed that they apparently have fragrances for men, and that these said fragrances are what I think will work in the hot weather.

Here's their SG Men Cool Eau de Toilette (Php250 for 30mL). 

And their SG Men Fantasia Eau De Toilette (Php375 for 100ml). 

Of course, they have a good selection of fragrances for women. I'm so sorry I'm bad at describing fragrances, but basically, Silkygirl is very good at releasing refreshing kinds of scents. These perfumes are perfect for work or school as the fragrances are bright and not too dark or overpowering for daily use.

There's Silkygirl Sugar (Php250 for 30mL), which is a bright floral fragrance and actually does not smell like something sweet. No smell of vanilla, cotton candy, or caramel. Instead, it's a sweet symphony of jasmine, rose, and water lily. 

And then we have Silkygirl Egyptian Lily (Php375 for 50mL). Aside from lily, this features top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and berries; middle notes of muguet, peony, and freesia; and bottom notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.

As well as Silkygirl French Sunflower (Php375 for 50mL). This has top notes of grapefruit, cassis and apricot; middle notes of rose, muguet, and jasmine; and bottom notes of musk, amber, and vanilla.

This time around they have new powders as well! 

Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil Control Pressed Powder (Php169) is probably the most purse-friendly powder I've ever seen. It's narrower than a credit card, is as thick as most powder compacts in the market these days, but they somehow managed to put in a mirror and a sponge in each one! Plus points that it's SPF45, formulated for Asian skin, and comes in three shades.  

I actually thought that this was a refill at first, but it dawned on me that refills don't have mirrors in them. These are ideal for travel as well, as it's so compact. I'm so amazed that it's only now in 2020 that I'm actually seeing powder compacts done this compactly! 

Albeit larger, for those who are looking for sturdier packaging, there's also Silkygirl Pure Smooth (Php149). This also comes in 3 shades, is also for oil control, and is fragrance-free. 

Like the other powder, this also has a mirror and applicator puff in each. 

Silkygirl 3D brow and Nose Shadow (Php199) is also gonna be a nifty addition to everyone's makeup pouches. A lot of brands come up with contour products for the entire face, but I kinda realized that after all, people should have separate contour products for the nose and for the rest of the face. For the cheeks, usually, it helps to have a certain undertone, more so that it will also be near the blush. But for the nose, the color is better off neutral, but never ashy. And usually, it should be two shades like this or three shades. If you're going to use one light shade, you'll have the tendency to overapply, making it look too harsh. If you're going to use one dark shade, there is the risk of making it too dark too quickly. The right way to do it is to apply two shades but in a light and diffused manner. 

Silkygirl InstaGlam Brow Cream is a new addition, which features a brow liner in a tube, and a brush side. This is quite a promising product as it technically is kinda like brow pomade, but in tube format, and I like how the brush is already built into just one product. I personally do bring brow brushes as I use brow palettes or pomades, but I think that for a lot of people who have sparse brows like me, things like this make the process a lot more convenient. 

For those who are looking for a good old brow pencil, there's, of course, Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil (Php129). This comes in Soft Black and Dark Brown, which makes it work well on those with brunette hair. Actually, even when my hair was blonde, and even when I cosplay, I still use dark brow products, so yeah, it doesn't actually even matter. 

And we also have the new Silkygirl I'm Matte Lipsticks. Silkygirl always comes up with shades designed for Asian skin tones, so I'm excited to review these. 

In a previous post, I've already spoken about their Truly Nude Eyeshadow Palettes (Php395), which are already among the affordable choices in the market for 6-pan palettes. These feature silky metallic shades, in wearable shades, which I think make these good choices for the people who like to go for one eyeshadow looks. 

Definitely, a lot of good stuff coming from Silkygirl this 2020! 

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