Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster) Review

Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick is Careline's liquid lipstick with a twist, featuring four metallic shades. Like Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick, this promises fully pigmented coverage and comfortable wear, but of course, the key difference is that these come in truly attention-grabbing shades. Relative to other liquid lipstick releases of the Ever Bilena group, a unique feature of this range is that users can experiment with these as eyeshadows due to the metallic nature of the shades. This review is for the shade Luster

Product Information: 
Product Name
Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick
Pricing and Availability
Php210 for 5.5 mL, available at Ever Bilena counters nationwide.
Shade Selection
4 electrifying metal shades.
Scent (If Any)
UnpigmentedPigmentedHighly Pigmented
UncomfortableComfortableVery Comfortable
Lasting Power
Short (0-2 hours)Medium (2-5 hours)Long (≥5 hours)

Texture Scale: 
PowderyXXXXXNot Powdery
StickyXXXXXNot Sticky
MovesXXXXXDries and Sets

Overall Feedback: 
Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick is the ideal range for those who like the formulation of Careline's Matte Liquid Lipsticks, but want the formulation in attention-grabbing shades. These are priced a little little bit higher than the matte liquid lipsticks but generally are still very affordable. 

Like Careline Matte Liquid Lipsticks, this also has a mid-thickness, mousse-like texture, but due to the metallic pigments, these ended up to be more mousse-like. It sets and completely dries. It's generally comfortable, and it doesn't feel heavy nor hot on the lips. It's also flexible enough that when the wearer smiles or talks, it doesn't crack awkwardly. However, like the matte liquid lipsticks, Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipsticks also flake off when you rub your lips together, so you'll need to make a conscious effort to not rub or pucker up. Thankfully, this is less sticky than Careline Matte Liquid Lipsticks and dries faster. 

The shades are interesting, with two brown-based shades, one reddish shade, and one purple shade. These also can be used to multitask as these can potentially be used as eyeshadows, provided the wearer blends properly. This can also be mixed with other lippies in one's collection to add a metallic sheen.

Like the matte liquid lipsticks, these Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipsticks last fairly well if you don't eat or drink. And also if you can consciously not lick or rub your lips when wearing this. If you're eating or drinking something oily, it really will wear off, so expect the need to retouch throughout the day. 

At Php210, it's very affordable, more so that these are shades that one will not reach out for every day. The shades are beautiful, but yes, they're not exactly wearable for school or work. If you're feeling experimental and want something easy to find and with a forgiving texture for dry lips, this is a good choice. 

A metallic bronze shade.
Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster) Box

Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster)

Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster) Tube Zoom

Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster)

Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster) Swatch 
Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Luster) Lip Swatch

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