Puregold Senior Manager for Merchandising and Marketing Services Jenny Jacintos

I'm sure all of you were confused and intrigued at the same time when there were "Help me, SALLY." billboards plastered around the metro. I did have an idea that people associated it with PureGold, but I wasn't sure if SALLY was a rival to Aling Puring, or her new sidekick. Technically, SALLY is the newest sidekick of Aling Puring, as this S-hopping ALLY will help to streamline things for PureGold shoppers! 

With the severe traffic and the recent Coronavirus problem, SALLY is the ultimate app solution for those who want to do their shopping with as little time spent outside as possible. 

Globe Business Development Manager Roy Baviera, and Puregold Senior Manager for Merchandising and Marketing Services Jenny Jacintos, were very excited to explain the features of the app and how it'll be a big help to shoppers. Of course, as y'all guessed, through the PureGold Mobile App, shoppers can check out in the app, pay within the app, and then pick up the items at a PureGold branch near them. This is especially helpful when you're trying to avoid long lines during rush hour.

The app is also gonna be able to solve the ultimate problem of shoppers. Don't you just hate it when you go to the store and go home missing something you should have bought?! That's really an annoying feeling for anyone. With the PureGold Mobile App, shoppers can scan the barcodes of items that they have that are about to run out, and essentially any barcode that corresponds to a product available at PureGold. I'm placing emphasis on being able to scan items as they run out because I find it so amazing that you can scan as it happens, add to cart, and then check out when you're ready. Things don't run out all at the same time, and also there are items we don't use all the time, such that, by the time we're about to make our shopping lists, we may have already forgotten about them. This way, shoppers can make their shopping trips more efficient and   

PureGold endorser Lucky Manzano was also there to spread cheer and promote the app. Come to think of it, he technically is the perfect person to use the app. His showbiz career means he's so busy, always on the go, and will have too many adoring fans interrupting his shopping if he stayed too long in a store. 

His excitement is also as such, as the PureGold Mobile App will also serve as an online infrastructure for wholesalers who transact with PureGold. Sari-sari store owners and wholesalers will, later on, be able to receive real-time inventory feedback through the in-app chat. PureGold is also adding lots of stores to the partner outlets to the app weekly, and it will venture into deliveries in the near future, so there's a lot of potential for the app. 

You can go to PlayStore or AppStore to download it, or you can also scan the QR codes that they've displayed in the stores. 

To give a demo, here's me downloading the app! 

And these are in-app screenshots. 

So yeah, for now, it's in-store pickup. You are then asked to select the branch from which you will shop. 

You can search an item within the app, or scan the barcode of an item you have. If it exists in PureGold's database and is available, it will reflect on your cart. It works best on black and clearly printed barcodes, as it may have some difficulty scanning white barcodes or blurry barcodes. 

Once you do have it in your cart, you can check out and pay via GCash, Credit/Debit Card, or pay in-store before claiming your items. It's that easy! No cart, no long lines, no hassle! 

The future of shopping is here, and it's in this app! Download now!

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