Na-coco-gigil! I'm sure y'all said that in Sarah G. voice. I don't really do shampoo reviews on the blog, not necessarily because I don't want to, but I simply just don't know how to go about it. People have differing hair textures and treatment histories that shampoos are among those things wherein reviews cannot be universal. But I really like Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration so I thought I'd try to review it! 

As the variant title describes, this is a shampoo with coconut water for hydrated and shiny hair. Unlike other Sunsilk shampoos, this is clear. It was released in the summertime last year and was marketed for summertime use, but I think that this works well all year round. I have very oily hair and I found this helpful all the times I have used it (whether summer or not summer). It helps to give the right amount of hydration without making the hair oily.  In spite of its clear color, it's not like a clarifying shampoo as it lathers well and doesn't give this awkward squeaky clean feel. 

It also has a lovely coconut fragrance, and the scent is similar to that of the coconut releases of its Unilver cousin Love Beauty and Planet. I personally like coconut themed items, so I like the fragrance of this one a lot. It smells like a tropical vacation, and even the little things such as using a fragrant shampoo can help in days 

I have used conditioner with this in daily use, but during times when I had my hair styled, I used this without conditioner. Of course, it works better with a conditioner. But for the purposes of making a hairstyle last all day, I don't use conditioner when I get my hair curled. 

Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration is Php106 for a 170mL bottle, and this can be found in virtually any store that sells Sunsilk as well as Lazada and Shopee

The ingredients list can be seen here: 

And as I said, it's clear.

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