Pizza Hut teased its fans with photos of pizzas with whole SPAM's on them. It's definitely not an April Fool's Joke! Pizza Hut SPAMⓇ Cheesy Bites Pizza is sure to delight. My kind of thicccc, my kind of snacccc! 

Of course, though, they cut up the SPAMⓇ into small cubes before putting them on the pizza. And may I say that the pulls are equally as addicting as the pizza itself (if not more addicting)! 

I find this to be a fresh breath of good news. At least there's something new to be excited about. The past few weeks have been so erratic due to coronavirus. While I generally don't go out of the house due to severe traffic, I know that we'll all be more reliant on delivery services in the coming weeks as we have more and more confirmed cases. At least there's something mouthwatering we can look forward to be delivered to our houses! 

Some of you may have already heard a lot about these pizzas and are prolly ready to call 8911-1111. For those who are curious, Pizza Hut SPAMⓇ Cheesy Bites Pizza is Php419 for regular size and PHP639 for large. You can also get a SPAMⓇ Triple Pizza Treat bundle for  for Php699, which includes regular-sized Hawaiian Supreme, Cheese Lovers, and SPAMⓇ Cheesy Bites pizza.

This flavor works really well, if you ask me. This is something I genuinely would like to order. I was actually already quite intrigued by the initial social media posts they had, and I was excited on how they would incorporate SPAM into the pizza. SPAM is inherently salty, while mozzarella cheese is a cheese that's known to be mild, so combining both creates a good harmony. Texture-wise, the soft texture of SPAM works well with the chewy texture of the dough and the mozzarella cheese.

The bites are so good that I feel like I might black out and finish all the pulls off of one pizza!!! 

Thank you Pizza Hut for also sending in Hawaiian pizza. This is my mom's favorite. 

And for the cheese pizza, too! 

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