New technology from Seoul White! 

Y'all may have been seeing whip soaps in the market in 2018, and may have been curious to try them out. But we all know that lots of whip soaps are quite expensive (more so due to resellers), and there are a lot of fakes online. There are plenty of people whom I know are interested in the concept, but have become reluctant to try it out due to the risk of getting fakes. 

Seoul White made things much easier for Pinays, with its introduction of Seoul White Whip It Whitening Whip Soap! Using its white strawberry extract with arbutin and kojic, Seoul White came up with a new kind of bar with a very rich lather, all packaged in a beating net. This is proudly made in the Philippines, and can be easily accessed in all of Seoul White's existing distribution channels like Watsons and department store beauty sections. 

We all know that Kim Chiu had a tough week the other week, and I felt very worried and sorry for her during her interview. But I also could not help but be so mesmerized by how glowing her skin was, even with very little makeup. It's probably Seoul White Whip It soap doing the trick. Anyone following her on her socials has quite a solid idea that she's been using this soap for quite some time now and that she loves it... 

Each bar soap is Php199 for a 120g bar, which is relatively generous. I've seen similar bars sell for Php300 or higher. I also like that this is on Lazada and Shopee, which is gonna be a helpful place to order from given that we're all trying to leave our homes as little as possible with an ongoing pandemic.

The beating net is really sturdy and fine-meshed, which is amazing, especially with respect to the price point. Off the bat, I will tell y'all to not throw away the nets as you can use these with Seoul White's trusted Double White bar soaps! This bar soap is designed to be used for the face, but I think you can also use this for the body if you wish to. The soap is a bit soft, so I predict it will melt quite quickly if not taken care of. I recommend having a hook to hang this on to, or to put this back into the packaging (the foil pouch) after each use to make sure it can be used with as little melt off wastage as possible. 

It smells like strawberries and milk, and I really like the fragrance! I like this more than the fragrance of the Double White bars. 

If you're a fan of Seoul White's existing products, or want to try out a whipped soap, be sure to check this out! 

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