L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color 1.10 Sapphire Black Review

This'll be a review for L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color in 1.10-Sapphire Black. Unfortunately, it was phased out in the Philippines already, so L'Oréal Excellence Creme in 1-Black is the closest option now.

I had blonde hair in late 2016 and tried to have it dyed to brunette color in 2017, but my hair was so porous that my hair kept on getting brassy and washed out. In February 2018, I had my hair dyed brown-black at a salon. So many people have told me to not dye my hair brown-black and that I'll get bored and hate it and all, but since my hair already halved in thickness, I knew I couldn't go on re-coloring and re-coloring my hair monthly. So I went through with it. 

Since that time, I've actually had no regrets. I enjoyed not having to worry about my hair color regrowth or my hair color getting brassy. My hair slowly went back to its original thickness and wasn't so dry anymore. Since my hair was no longer bleached, I was eligible to do Xtenso Oleoshape (which is amazing BTW). It's only in August 2019 that I have colored my hair again using this dye, and once again in December 2019.

I will say that coloring black is not for everyone. I only went with this because I already had brown-black hair for 1.5 years and was already sure that I liked having truly black hair. I already more or less knew that the color suited my skin tone and overall look well. Like going blonde, going black can be quite drastic, so think about it well before pushing through. 

And as a reference, black is 1 and this sapphire black is 1.10, while natural hair is about level 3-4, and most dyes are level 6-7. You may think you have dark hair, but darkening it 2-3 levels is really as drastic as dyeing it lighter by 2-3 levels... 

I've reviewed several other shades of L'Oréal dye, so I no longer included process photos. I just have here the box scans with the information on the shade, ingredients, and usage directions. 
L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color (1.10 Sapphire Black) Box Front 
L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color (1.10 Sapphire Black) Box Rear

Like all other L'Oréal boxed dye coloring kits, there are four items in each kit. There's the pre-dye treatment (gold tube), which you apply to your hair to protect it during coloring. You do not rinse it out. And then there's the Creme Colorant (black tube) which you mix with the Creme Developer (white bottle with gold cap), and this is what you apply onto your hair. Then there is the protective conditioner (white tube), which is used as a treatment after the dye has been rinsed out. 
L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color (1.10 Sapphire Black) Box Contents

And here are the before and after photos! The before photo was after I had not colored my hair with anything in 1.5 years. My hair was already more or less virgin hair at this point and more or less was at its natural color. There are about 3-4 inches of brassy hair at the end, some of which were the remnants of my past coloring, and some can be attributed to the side effect lightening of my hair when I got two Xtenso Oleoshape treatments done. The after photo clearly shows that black hair is really different from natural brown hair/ 


This other set of before and afters were taken in my studio set up with my studio lighting. Usually, my hair could look so brown in real life, but under harsh lighting, it'd look brown. But here, it really looks truly and fully black after being treated with the dye. 



Here's a side by side comparison. If you just see me without seeing the before photo side by side, the difference is not very noticeable. But with the two photos side by side, the big difference can be seen now: 

Overall, as expected from L'Oréal, this is a great hair color. It's not drying to the hair and the color lasts well. I've used quite some L'Oréal dyes throughout the years, and generally, it performs well and is always reliable. It's also affordable, and they often have free application booths in major malls, which makes it even more convenient for consumers. 

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