BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic) Review
BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick promises intense color at first swipe, a true matte finish, and all-out boldness. This is enriched with Vitamin E and camellia oil to provide comfort throughout the day. With a vow to no caking and no feathering, this presents itself as the ideal day-to-night lipstick choice. This review is for the shade Chic.

Product Information: 
Product Name
BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick 
Pricing and Availability
Php299 for 3.4g, available at BLK counters, Lazada, and Shopee
Shade Selection
6 shades for the initial release, featuring a burgundy shade, a red shade, and several medium and nude pinks. 
Scent (If Any)
No notable fragrance. 
UnpigmentedPigmentedHighly Pigmented
UncomfortableComfortableVery Comfortable
Lasting Power
Short (0-2 hours)Medium (2-5 hours)Long (≥5 hours)

Texture Scale: 
PowderyXXXXXNot Powdery
StickyXXXXXNot Sticky
MovesXXXXXDries and Sets

Overall Feedback:
BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick is among the debut releases when Anne Curtis' launched her brand BLK Cosmetics in 2017. This was released alongside a liquid lipstick collection and a velvet lip cream collection. This lipstick is designed to be a purely matte lipstick, as a nod to the matte-dominated lipstick market at the time it was launched. Fast forward to now, BLK Cosmetics has also expanded to tints and lip mousses and lip balms.

The texture is right smack where it should be in the department store category. The leading brands are either too creamy or too waxy, but this one is the right mix of creamy and waxy and powdery. It's got a matte finish, but it is not too powdery that it can still go on thinly. It's just creamy enough so as not to skid, and waxy enough so as not to be too soft and difficult to use. It's powdery, but also not too powdery, thanks to the balance of waxiness in the formulation.

This goes on thinly so it doesn't move around so much, but it doesn't feather out and start to feel drying on the lips (which I usually notice with some lipsticks), so that's something I like about this. It surprisingly feels nourishing even if it goes on so thinly, so this is among the more comfortable choices for people with dry lips like me. I think it's because of the Vitamin E and Camellia Oil in the lipsticks that are helping out in that aspect. If I want to go for a completely matte finish, I can rely on this to be comfortable enough to use for the day.

The color pigmentation is intense as promised, as it takes barely any effort to get this to 100% opacity. The color payoff is good enough that what you see on the tube is what you get. I was able to clearly distinguish between the shades upon application even if some are similar thanks to the good color payoff. It fades gradually over time and will not transfer to your mugs when you have drinks. But it will also completely fade after a meal, and will also completely fade during a workout or any strenuous activity, so you'd really need to retouch every so often if you really want the color opacity to stay at 100% all day.

At Php299 for 3.4g, it's at par with most drugstore brands that are selling lipsticks between 3.2 to 3.6g in most cases. This has been a refreshing addition to the matte market as it's got a balanced texture which I think is gonna be agreeable for more people. The shades are also mostly medium pink shades and very wearable and practical shades for Filipinas for every day. This reflects the "Uncomplicated Beauty" philosophy of the brand in every aspect, and I love it when a product is true to its brand's philosophy.

A medium brownish mauve.
BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic)

BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic) Packaging

BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic) Pack Shot

BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic)

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BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic) Swatch

BLK Cosmetics All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Chic) Lip Swatch

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