Cetaphil Sun Light Gel
The new normal can be daunting, but whether we're staying at home or going out to run errands, the sun is going to go on and cause sun damage. Cetaphil's proposed solution is its new Sun Light Gel. This was supposed to be launched earlier, but I think COVID19 delayed its launch as well. 

This sunscreen is broad spectrum SPF50, has UVA/UV protection, and suitable for face and body. As with other Cetaphil products, this is also formulated for sensitive skin, is dermatologically tested, and is fragrance-free. What I find interesting is that this is water-resistant, but doesn't feel hot nor heavy, as water-resistant sunscreens usually feel like greenhouses. 

Cetaphil Sun Light Gel Pack Shot

Cetaphil Sun Light Gel Pack Rear

The packaging is straightforward, and the 50mL pack size makes it an ideal size for most people's bags and pouches. It comes with a flip-top applicator.

Cetaphil Sun Light Gel Lid

It doesn't feel like a gel though. I'd call this more of milk rather than a gel. It's not very thick, but not runny either. It doesn't feel like our idea of gels like aloe vera gel or tomato gel. 
Cetaphil Sun Light Gel Smear

But indeed, it's much more lightweight than other water-resistant sunscreens and absorbs really quickly. 
Cetaphil Sun Light Gel Half-Blended

It is not the most ideal sunscreen for flash photography as it does have a white cast. However, realistically, I doubt most people out and about are going to get flash photography done. Most people are going to be doing practical things like going to the bank or doing groceries, and most selfies are gonna be taken with a phone and not with harsh professional lighting either. 
Cetaphil Sun Light Gel Blended In

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