EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Review

EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain
is among the pillars of local lip tints, even before the Korean tint wave hit us hard! This is touted as "a two-in-one product that gives that ‘just bitten’ look on your lips and that sun-kissed flush on your cheeks". Virtually every Filipina who loves makeup probably has one of these! Even with so many other tints coming out in the market, this tint has plenty of loyalists who have repurchased throughout the years. This review is for the shade Tipsy.

Product Information: 
Product Name
EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain
Pricing and Availability
Php180 for 20mL, available at Ever Bilena counters, Lazada, and Shopee.
Shade Selection
4 shades, with a plum shade, two brick shades, and one red shade.
Scent (If Any)
Smalls like grapes. 
UnpigmentedPigmentedHighly Pigmented
UncomfortableComfortableVery Comfortable
Lasting Power
Short (0-2 hours)Medium (2-5 hours)Long (≥5 hours)

Texture Scale: 
PowderyXXXXXNot Powdery
StickyXXXXXNot Sticky
MovesXXXXXDries and Sets

Overall Feedback:
EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain, I admit, should have been in this blog ages ago. It's one of the most iconic products of the Ever Bilena group, and also a staple that so many Filipinas love. It's affordable, comes in such a big amount, easy to use, easy to bring around, and multifunctional. Unlike Korean gel tints, these tints from EB Advance have Filipina skin tones in mind and come in shades that look very flattering on medium skin tones.

This has a medium thickness gel texture, which I like. When it sets, it dries to a layer with a little moisture in it (thanks to the Vitamin E in it). This enables it to give have a translucent opacity while allowing the user the right amount of time to be able to blend it in as it sets. Most tints with a translucent opacity usually come in a watery formulation that usually dries up before the user can even blend it in properly. This is also the reason why this can feasibly work as a cheek tint. This is unlike the brands that plaster the words "cheek tint" on their lip tints, even if the product cannot actually blend properly on the cheeks.

As it's still translucent, and still gel-like, it will not be able to conceal dry patches on the lips. It will also not be able to conceal discolorations. It will also have the tendency to stick onto drier patches and leave uneven patches on the lips when used alone (without primer or balm). As such, people like me with very dry lips will still need to use a lip balm with this tint in most cases. It's moist enough that I can feasibly use this alone for short periods of time, but most days I'd have to use this with a balm.

The color pigmentation is just right, perfect for most consumers, especially beginners. Some tints are too unpigmented and end up being disappointing to use. Some tints are just way too pigmented and become too overpowering too quickly, which can make usage frustrating. This has the right amount of pigmentation that it's buildable and easy to use and blend. I've encountered tints that were way too intense that it was such a gamble to use them on the cheeks and they were too intense too soon. This is just right that it gets a decent amount of color on the first swipe, but leaves room for you to be able to add more should you wish to intensify the look. It does leave behind colored patches as it fades, so one will need to reapply this throughout the day to prevent that. It will also visibly fade after a meal, so it's best to bring this around with you for retouches.

The only part to be careful about is the packaging. It's a tube with a soft body and a long & hard screw lid, which has the risk of breaking when unnecessary pressure is applied to the hard lid. We've had another unit of this tint before that broke at the spout, so that was something that I noted at the time. It's best to store this in a makeup pouch where it's not at risk of getting squeezed in a weird way in your bag such that it may be at the risk of snapping.

At Php180 for 20mL, it's so affordable and also is such a generous portion. I have had readers tell me that their own EB Advance tints took months, or sometimes even more than a year to run out! Php180 for a tube so big that'll last for what seems like forever is definitely a good buy. As with other Ever Bilena group products, it's easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to use, making it a good gift whether for yourself or for others. Its texture is not perfect, but the colors are so beautiful and it's so versatile and blendable that I perfectly understand why so many people love this. 

Lazada | Shopee

A wine red shade.

EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Pack Shot

EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Tube Zoom

EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Product Zoom

EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Applicator Zoom

EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Swatch
EB Advance Lip & Cheek Stain (Tipsy) Lip Swatch

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