Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Review
Espoir Lip Up is a tint designed to provide an illusion of voluminous lips by filling in wrinkles with a hybrid mousse-gel formulation. This comes in cheerful and vivid shades to glam up and look. This review is for the shade Soulful Kinda.

Product Information: 
Product Name
Espoir Lip Up
Pricing and Availability
SRP$17.18/Php900 for 4.6g, available at Espoir outlets and YesStyle.
Shade Selection
8 shades of pinkish reds, reds, and coral nudes.
Scent (If Any)
Has a vanilla fragrance. 
UnpigmentedPigmentedHighly Pigmented
UncomfortableComfortableVery Comfortable
Lasting Power
Short (0-2 hours)Medium (2-5 hours)Long (≥5 hours)

Texture Scale: 
PowderyXXXXXNot Powdery
StickyXXXXXNot Sticky
MovesXXXXXDries and Sets

Overall Feedback:
Espoir Lip Up is an ideal tint choice for those who have dry lips. The coloration is very vivid and opaque, unlike most tints which go on translucently, so this can really color over any dry patches.

In terms of texture, this has a hybrid gel-mousse formulation. When brought out of the tube, the product looks very wet and gel-like, but when applied to the lips, it glides on with a more matte feel. It has a mousse-like feel to it due to the presence of powder pigments in this tint. Alternatively, this can also be described as a thin and wispy oil tint with powder pigments.

Due to its texture, it's unavoidable that there'd be some sticky feel to it. It's only got some powder, and it's not fully powdery like a matte lipstick. But generally, it doesn't move around a lot nor transfer everywhere, that it somewhat dries and sets even though it's not a liquid lipstick per se. While it has this tendency to stick so snugly to dry patches and stay there, the pigmentation and texture of this tint work well together in general to color over dry patches. This is something surprisingly comfortable enough to use alone on my dry lips, but I personally would still prefer to use this with a lip balm as it's not a 100% mousse texture.

The color pigmentation is crazy intense, and it takes almost no effort to get this to 100% opacity. The color payoff is also true to tube, and this tint doesn't get influenced much by one's natural lip color as it colors over everything. As it's so pigmented, and due to the formulation adhering to the lips very tightly, it lasts quite well. It fades gradually over time (i.e. it doesn't fade so soon), but unfortunately, it does leave behind colored patches as it fades, so one will really need to reapply this throughout the day to prevent that. It will also completely fade after a meal, so you'd really need to bring this with you to be sure it lasts.

At Php900 for 4.6g, it's in the midtier range for K-Beauty products. It's not as cheap as other Amore Pacific brands, but also not the most expensive brand in its portfolio. 4.6g is more or less standard quantity for most lip products these days and will last about a year if used daily. It's unique as it has a hybrid gel-mousse texture that works well to cover dry patches and to be comfortable for people with dry lips. The shades are also sophisticated. But I do wish that it didn't leave colored patches on my lips.

Soulful Kinda
A brick shade.
Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Box

Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Pack Shot

Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Tube

Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Tube Zoom 
Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Applicator Zoom

Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Swatch
For contrast, these are the swatches of Espoir Lip Up which I took during their launch event last December. From top to bottom are Duende, I Am Me, Orenda, Soulful Kinda, Sugared, and Tension Up. 

Espoir Lip Up (01 Soulful Kinda) Lip Swatch

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