Split shot of Blackpink Lisa's How You Like That Look and Mari's cosplay of the same look
Blackpink Lisa How You Like That Tutorial

How you like that?

Wahh it's been ages since I did a star inspired look, so this was both exciting and tiring to do! I have liked Blackpink since their debut, but I especially liked the concept and sound of 'How You Like That'. I realized that we have similar looking items to what Lisa wore in the posters and in the first chorus of the video, so I tried doing this look and tried making a tutorial out of it. Here it is! 

For those reading this from overseas, the Philippines has the longest-running lockdown in the world as of this post, and as such, we're all essentially still stuck at home. I was only able to do this look because we happened to have really similar items to what Lisa wore here at home. The sports bra is a common item most people have, we have a fur jacket we got from SM ages ago, and I have a similar wig and chunky necklace which I got from Hong Kong years ago. And I had a Zalora haul last month and the shorts I ordered happened to be animal print and was similar to the animal print shorts Lisa was wearing. It all just somehow fell into place! 
Blackpink How You Like That D-Day poster

Here are some of the other shots I took from this look. This was hard to shoot as I had to capture quite a wide scope without the remote being seen! I was squatting for many of the shots in order to fit into the frame. There is only so much you can do when you're shooting by yourself.

The fonts were also a bit tricky to figure out at first, and I was trying to upload screenshots of the text to font identifying websites. I realized at some point that stan Twitter would be efficient as always and would have already figured out the fonts! Thanks, Twitter Blinks! 

Here are the shots! 
Half-body Cosplay shot of Blackpink Lisa's "How You Like That" Look

Half body Cosplay shot of Blackpink Lisa's "How You Like That" Look

Stylized concept poster of Cosplay of Blackpink Lisa's "How You Like That" Look

As for the makeup look, it was mostly amber tones for the eyes with an inner corner winged eyeliner.  The blush was subtle, and the lip color varied from monitor to monitor. Even for the live performances and IG BTS posts, Lisa's lip color for this OOTD never seemed to be the same. 

I guess with Lisa's straight bob and inner winged eyeliner, maybe they were inspired by Egyptian pharoahs or their wives? I'm not too sure, but that's my guess.

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