Using FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device in Pearl Pink
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Review 

I haven't had this device with me for too long, but I now understand why everyone is so obsessed with this! The FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device really does take your mask experience to an *insert pun* otherworldly level in just 90 seconds. This is now officially at Lazada as of July 2020, so don't worry if you get too interested in this product as it's easier to order it now!

I know most of us have been using masks for ages by now. I actually used to not actively use mask sheets, but since I had quite a lot of samples to use up, I made it sort of a 2019 resolution to use masks more proactively, and so I went from using masks seldomly to 3x a week. With this pandemic, my 3x/ week mask routine already became a daily routine. 

After a while, I realized that masks really do provide a noticeable benefit with continued use. In general, using masks helps to make the skin more bouncy, more hydrated, and more glowy. Masks can also do a lot of pore refinement when coupled with a religious suncare regimen. I am personally just so used to wearing masks for an hour or longer, but I know most people find it to be a chore to be wearing masks even for 15 minutes. This is why even if masks are so good, I know a lot of people have a hard time forming habits. As such, I was really stoked to try this out as I wanted to be able to find out whether this can really give a traditional mask experience in the 90 seconds it promises.

To those who wish to see the device in action, here's my video on YouTube! 

I was sent a package with three items, the FOREO UFO, and two mask boxes, each containing 6 masks. FOREO UFO is called a smart mask device because it can be app operated, and the FOREO app has different kinds of treatments of different timings for each mask. The standard FOREO treatment is 90 seconds, but some go to 120 seconds. I'm saying this here now that I, unfortunately, have never used the app with my masks as my phone screen's bottom 1cm is broken, so I can't click the buttons to activate treatments. However, I have heard of so many people finding all sorts of cool features with their apps. When this pandemic slows down a bit and I am able to get a new phone, I will be sure to try the device out with the app! 

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device in Packaging alongside Glow addict masks and h2overdose masks
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device and FOREO Mask Sheets

I chose the Glow Addict mask as I usually have dull skin. This is pearl infused and enriched with jojoba extracts. My skin tone is very pale, so if I don't pay attention to skincare, my skin can look really dull and lifeless. I am always on the lookout for products that can give a glow.

FOREO Glow Addict Masks for FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device
FOREO Glow Addict Masks

The other mask I chose was H2Overdose as I have dehydrated oily skin. Yes, there's such a thing. My skin can be so oily and all that, and yet be so dehydrated. This is why if I wear base makeup that's not selected properly, my makeup can be both oily and cakey at the same time. This mask is infused with hyaluronic acid, which I have used extensively in my other forms of skincare, so I was interested to try this one out. 

FOREO H2Overdose Masks FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device
FOREO H2Overdose Masks

The device comes in a nice acrylic box. This was packed with the two mask boxes and was packed together in a larger box and sent to me via DHL from their Croatia office. For those who will be buying this device from Lazada, I'm not sure what packaging they will use for the outer coverings, but expect the product itself to be in this packaging.
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device in acrylic box packaging
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Packaging

On the sides of the box are its key benefits. This mask device cuts down the usual face mask time as it is a thermo-activated mask device with LED lights, T-pulsations, and differing temperatures in each treatment to really help the skin absorb all the nutrients in the mask. 

If you will sort of break down the process, mask sheets are essentially just sheets soaked in serum, and serum can be applied directly onto the skin already as a standalone product. But mask sheets came to be and are left on for so long in order to allow the skin time to be able to soak up on all the nutrients of the serum/essence. The keyword is absorption because when the skin actually does absorb the nutrients, all the good effects like pore refinement and elasticity will naturally follow suit. The only way to make the skin absorb all the nutrients in a shorter time is to incorporate various temperatures to open and close the pores, and T-pulsations to help "massage" the nutrients in. This is, in essence, the premise of how the FOREO UFO does what it does.

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Box

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Box

So this is the device. I chose Pearl Pink, but this also comes in Fuchsia and Aqua shades. I just like how this looks so relaxing. If not this, I would have chosen the Aqua one. This device is about 7.5cm in diameter and is about 150g or of similar mass as an iPhone. This device is shaped to be conducive to be held around, and even though it has spikey designs on the panel, it is absolutely smooth to the touch and has no irritating feel whatsoever. Holding a cellphone for a long time can be tiring, but with this device, since the treatments are usually a maximum of two minutes, it's just like holding onto your phone for a short call. 
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device

Inside the box, there is also this resting stand for the device. I like the design as it protects the device from unnecessary movements which may cause the surface to get unwanted scratches. This is also curved at the base and embraces the device, so as long as there is no earthquake, you have no worries about your device shaking or falling off a desk. This device can be rinsed, so it's nice to have this stand so that the device doesn't leave water puddles on a desk.  
side view of FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device on device stand
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device on Device Stand

The box also came with a USB charger. Charging time is at least an hour for a full charge, but when this was completely low battery, I was able to execute a treatment after about just 15 minutes of charging. You will know when it's fully charged as it will no longer blink unlike when charging is ongoing. Each charge will usually last you about 12-15 treatment sessions or so, but this can differ based on the length of the treatment (if you will use the app). I also personally run the device twice or thrice per treatment day to really reap the benefits, so I also will need to charge more often than other people. 

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Charger Cord
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Charger Cord

This is how the treatment surface looks like. The transparent ring is removable and is the locking device so you can secure a mask sheet onto the treatment surface. The treatment surface is metal and can warm-up and cool down. 
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Surface when turned off
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device Surface

Each treatment has three phases: Thermo-Therapy phase, Cryo-Therapy phase, and T-Sonic Pulsations phase. 

During the Thermo-Therapy phase, this red LED light is activated, and the device warms up. In general, we know that warm temperatures open up the pores, so I think that this part generally is all about opening up the pores to make them receptive to the nutrients of the mask sheet. 
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device displaying red LED light during thermo-therapy phase
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Thermo-Therapy Phase

During the Cryo-Therapy phase, this green LED light is activated. This is designed to lift and firm skin. In general, I think that this phase is meant to close down the pores that were just opened up with the Thermo-Therapy phase so that the skincare that was absorbed gets locked in, and so that pores are more refined overall. 

This is followed by the T-sonic Pulsations phase, which has no LED light, but just has pulsations to improve the overall microcirculation in the skin. Generally, I think that this phase is simply all about massaging the skincare in, in the same way that people would use jade rollers for skincare. 
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device with green LED light during cryo-therapy phase
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Cryo-Therapy Phase

What excited me more since receiving this device is that it is compatible with my Althea Waterful Green Bamboo pads! It opened a lot of possibilities because while I think that the FOREO masks are great, I'd want to have an extensive variety of masks I can use. In the same way with traditional masks where there are plenty of brands, variants, and styles. This device resolved my issues with these pads as this jar is quite pricey, and I felt that it would be too wasteful to use these as mere toner pads. Using the UFO, I have been able to harness the nutrients of this mask and enjoy the benefits of its gauze material. Essentially any mask pad that's large enough to fit into this device can be used to improve user experience. 

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device loaded with Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads
FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device with Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads

What I love the most about this device is that it feels so relaxing to use. The warm phase really helps me to calm down, and it feels a lot like having a facial done. I don't really go to facial clinics, so having a spa feeling at home is amazing, more so that facial clinics are currently closed. The other thing I love the most about this device is that it really can give the level of absorption and hydration that a 1-hour mask session can give within its promised time of 90 seconds. This is really a gamechanger for those who want to save time, or for those who want all the benefits of mask sheets, but don't want all the inconveniences associated with them. 

Using FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device on the neck area

As for me, I feel that this device has just integrated seamlessly into my whole routine. There are nights when I feel like it's too hot and I don't wanna put on a mask sheet, so I use this device with a mask round. I still do have quite a lot of mask sheets to use up, so on nights I use mask sheets, I use this device over the mask sheet for 2 treatments after about 30-40 minutes of putting on the mask, as a final phase enhancer for the mask. Essentially, this device's charm is in the warming and cooling phases that open and close the pores, and the pulsations that massage serum in, so I do think that it can also enhance even your traditional mask sheet to get absorbed even better. 

After a while, I noticed that my textured acne scars were becoming less puffy or less depressed, and I do think that it's this device that spelled the difference as I didn't have any recent drastic skincare changes. I also didn't have any lasers done this year, so this device is really the only big change to my routine this year. I did start using Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution a bit before starting to use this device, so I think my pore refinement is 50% because of this and 50% because of Kiehl's.

Using FOREO UFO Smart Mask Device on the cheeks

Honestly, the only reason why I think this hasn't taken over the world yet is the steep price tag. This device delivers on all promises of pore refinement, skin hydration, better absorption of mask serum, and time efficiency. This is a disruptive device in the mask market, and this is already the future of skincare, more so during this new normal. 

You can get these at their website, at Amazon, and Lazada

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