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Hello Glow By Ever Bilena Mega FAQ's

Sooo I have done an introduction post and a review video for Hello Glow by Ever Bilena awhile back, and since then, I've seen trends and patterns with the questions I was receiving. Everyone more or less has the same concerns, so instead of giving short answers on YouTube, I thought I'd take time and compile more detailed answers to most of the types of questions I was receiving. Hence this mega FAQ's post! 

Y'all can also check out this video on YouTube!

What is Hello Glow?
Hello Glow is a skincare range developed by the Ever Bilena group. There are currently 4 items in this range: 4-in-1 Whitening Soap, Clarifying Toner, Sunscreen Cream, and Whitening Cream. These four items are sold in sets, so consumers can opt to buy sets or individual items as they please. 

Is Hello Glow FDA approved?
Yes. You can check out their Facebook page for the permits

What are the ingredients of Hello Glow products?
You can refer to my Hello Glow Ingredients blog post for the complete lists. 

What is your skin type, Mari?
My skin type is dehydrated oily, meaning that my skin has a lot of oil, but not a lot of hydration. My review video is done with respect to my dehydrated oily skin type.

Is Hello Glow gentle?
Yes! I have mentioned this 10000 times in my review video, and I'll mention it again. Hello Glow is really gentle on the skin! You could say that it's a gamechanger in a market saturated with very harsh peeling skincare sets. This works a lot like the Japanese and Korean skincare products I use which usually aim for healthy, bouncy skin. 

Is there a peeling stage for Hello Glow? Does it sting?
No, there is no peeling stage. This is really not like other rejuvenating skincare sets which are too harsh, and often are loaded with illegal ingredients. Or in some cases, some brands have controlled substances in excess of what the FDA allows. If you will check the website of FDA, you will see many popular brands of skincare sets with warrants against them, usually for too much Hydroquinone. Hello Glow's brand philosophy is that anything that stings or feels uncomfortable is most likely damaging your skin, and life shouldn't be that way. 

There is also no sting in using this set. So with all this said, if your skin feels irritated while using this brand, there is a big chance that you might be allergic to one or more of the natural ingredients. Your skin should not feel any sort of discomfort or irritation while using this skincare set, so if you feel irritation, treat it validly, and consult with a medical professional. 

What is the pattern of using Hello Glow products?
A Hello Glow routine will consist of three steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize. The soap is to be used twice a day as the cleanser. The toner is to be used twice a day as well. For the moisturizing step, there is the Sunscreen Cream for the daytime and Whitening Cream for the night time. I made a quick video showing how to use the sets! Check it out:

Do I need to stop whatever I am using before starting to use Hello Glow? How long do I stop?
In my case, I immediately went on to use Hello Glow from my usual routine. I didn't need to pause using skincare. But I will clarify that I never use any harsh skincare items. I have never used any peeling skincare set. Most of my skincare is geared towards hydration and making skin supple, which is why transitioning to Hello Glow went on seamlessly. 

If you are using harsh peeling skincare, it's best to probably give your skin a rest before transitioning to something like Hello Glow to give your skin some time to breathe and recover. How long you'd need to pause will really depend on your own skin's condition, so you'd have to play by ear.

Is Hello Glow suitable for pregnant women or lactating moms?
There are no harsh or illegal chemicals in Hello Glow sets, so it can be used by most pregnant women and lactating moms. However, it is best to bring the ingredients list to your healthcare professional to be sure that there is no ingredient that you might be allergic to or incompatible with. 

Can teenagers use Hello Glow? Is it suitable for people who are 13, 14, 15 ,16, 17, 18, 19, [insert age here] years old?
Yes, it's very gentle so it can be used by teenagers. There is no peeling, there is no harsh feeling either, so this is something that will not damage young skin. It's also a great way to get young people started on skincare as each set already has all the essentials one would need. However, I am speaking from a safety standpoint. It's safe and gentle, which is why young people use it. But, I obviously cannot argue with parents or grandparents who really do not want their kids or grandkids to use beauty products before a certain age. I have no right to meddle into people's family affairs! 

As for the peels and all, I actually recommend people to consult with dermatologists or skin care clinics for that. I don't really recommend people to look up harsh peeling products online even if they were full-fledged adults, as there are plenty of unregulated products on the internet. 

Can Hello Glow be used for sensitive skin?
There are no illegal ingredients in this so there is not much reason why it can be irritating; however, there are plenty of natural extracts. You might have some reaction to some of the extracts, so it's best to do a patch test first. I have noticed that it really depends on the person. My mom (who has sensitive skin) has tried the world's most expensive skincare but would still have rashes with them due to the really rare and prized natural ingredients in them. She has also tried out really affordable items with very basic ingredients, and some of those have actually worked out so well that they are actually her holy grail items. So it's really important to patch test and test the waters. 

Can I use Hello Glow as maintenance after using other sets? Do I need to use Hello Glow as maintenance? 
You can use Hello Glow as "maintenance" after using another set; however, as I mentioned, you may need to pause your old skincare first, especially if what you're using is harsh. In general, we need to use skincare all our lives, so you do "need" to use Hello Glow as "maintenance". Regardless of what brand you're using, you stop reaping the benefits if you stop using the product. You really need to be consistent with sun care and skincare if you really want to see consistent improvement in your skin.  

But I will clarify that there is no "maintenance" concept in the Hello Glow universe as it's gentle to the skin, to begin with. It's not a harsh peel that you can only do for a few weeks or a month and then you transition to some "maintenance" products. It's really geared for long term use and there are no "next" steps after you use up a set except to buy another set. There is no "Hello Glow peeling set" to be followed by "Hello Glow maintenance set," there is just one Hello Glow set in the market. 

How many sets of Hello Glow do I need to use before I start to see a glow?
It really depends on the person. If you have been consistently using skincare for a while now, and will consistently use this set as well, then you can see results within weeks. You'll see improvements within your first set. But if you're not consistent with using skincare, no matter what brand you use, you will simply not see any results. 

I will also add that we all have different skin types and lifestyles, and that can also affect the pacing of one's skin improvement. Those who are often exposed to smoke (pollution, smoking, vaping, grilling, etc.) are generally going to have drier skin and will be less likely to see noticeable improvements, especially if the time frame being observed is short. Those who are not religious with suncare will also have larger pores and drier skin. So there are factors like those as well. 

Does Hello Glow get rid of acne marks?
It depends on what you mean by "acne marks." If you mean the brown spots that acne leaves behind, then yes, over time, this can help to fade them out. This is provided that you are also religiously using sun care products to make sure that the spots are not darkening any further. 

However, if you mean the textured acne scars that are either bumpy or crater-like, those things are no longer in the realm of skincare. You'd need fractional laser or some other form of professional treatment to re-texture your skin.

Will you really get small zits at the start? Is that normal?
I would say that it's not normal, but I'd also advise anyone to evaluate their own condition. The weather, one's stress levels, hormonal imbalances, and one's menstrual cycle phase can all affect skin condition. If your skin is acting up, and you realize that there was a culprit amongst these four, then maybe it was just that. However, if you have evaluated these factors and your situation really does not fall under these four (i.e. you're not stressed out, you're not at a reactive phase in your cycle, you don't have hormonal imbalances, etc.), then you may be having an adverse reaction to this, which is not right.

I'm saying this to be fair and balanced because some resellers will make it seem like it's all normal and that it's supposed to happen and everything. We do have zits here and there because of various environmental and societal factors, but when it's persistent after starting to use a certain product, it's most likely incompatibility with the product already. 

Does the soap melt fast? How do I make the soap run out slower?
I personally kept my bar away from the faucet. And then I used a beating net with the soap, which drastically reduced the amount of soap I'd use compared to if I didn't use a beating net. 

Can I add this to my existing skincare routine? Can I use this with other skincare items I own?
Generally, yes. But keep in mind to use this with similar products as well. Hello Glow is gentle and all about keeping skin supple and hydrated while slowly making it fairer, so do not pair this set with harsh peeling skincare. It's also important to play by ear and pace things with respect to how you usually add or change items in your own skincare routine. 

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