My first Japan Travel Vlog! Sharing a throwback vlog of my first night in Tokyo. It was a rough itinerary and I basically just went konbini hopping, had soba at Nadai Fujisoba, and essentially just marveled at being in Japan for the first time. All of these clips were filmed in Shibuya.

And I just wanna share some snapshots from those times! 

This was the airplane meal. We rode Philippine Airlines, and it was amusing that they did a bento box concept for flights to Japan. PAL flights go to Haneda, which is closer to the city proper, but there are times when JAL's fares are lower, even though the flights go to Narita. I guess it's about finding the right balance between the fare and the train tickets from airport to hotel. 

It was Halloween at the time, so there were so many Halloween themed sweets at the hotel lobby café. We stayed at Cerulean Hotel Shibuya, which is quite pricey WRT other hotels and AirBnB-ing, but the location was amazing, and it was also super near Shibuya station and all the action. 

They had such a cute welcome presentation! There were sweets and muscats. 

Since it was our first day, we just wandered at the Family Mart near the hotel. 

And there was a branch of Nadai Fujisoba near our hotel, so we had out first dinner there as well. Itwas late October, and the nights were already getting chilly, so it was so satisfying to have a hot bowl of udon. 

There was a 7/11 at tehe Cerulean Tower, so we also went there. Since it was in an office tower, it wwas quite a large and well stocked branch. There were plenty of tech stuff and some hardware needs.

In a later trip I was able to find the best scissors in the world and a 0.5m lightning cable at a 7/11, so indeed, as far as Japan is concerned, convenience stores really highlight the word 'convenience.'

This was taken long before the COVID19 pandemic, but it's clear to see that Japan has long had a mask-wearing culture, and it shows with the selection they have.

And lastly, here are the desserts we got from Family Mart teehee.