Tada!!! This is yet another one of my empties videos. This video is all about my facial wash, peeling gel, and toner empties. This sorta became a series because I stored a looot of empties since 2015 or so, and was not able to catch up with uploading them here on the blog.
I found it interesting to see how I transitioned from very alcoholic toner to alcohol-free toners as the years went by. As for facial cleansers, I'm still into facial foams from then until now. I also use peeling gel regularly, at least once a week. This is why I was able to use up enough items to feature in this video.

I'll probably only be doing this heavily for 2020 as I still have quite a lot of empties to tackle after this. But after these batches, it'll probably be a quarterly video. Or maybe I might not even be doing them anymore! Who knows? 
Here's the video: 
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