Apollo Castor Oil Now In Mascara Tubes!!!
Apollo Castor Oil Now In Mascara Tubes!!!

Yes, this post is just emphasizing the title that Apollo's Castor Oil now also comes in mascara packaging!!! Apollo has been selling castor oil for quite a long time already, and people have been doing their own shopping of empty mascara tubes online or at container stores and transferring the oil into them. The process of transferring can be messy, and I say this because I have also bought castor oil and empty mascara tubes before. It took so much time to get the viscous castor oil into the tube, and after that, I was left with a large bottle of castor oil that I didn't know what to do with. 

I'm really happy they did this because having gone through the inconvenience myself, this solves two crucial problems. One, of course, is the risk of contamination or spills during transfer. Two, is the burden on the customer to buy a (usually) large bottle of castor oil more than 100mL even if the average user just needs 15mL or less. 

They sent such a thoughtful PR package to go with this! I now have a new makeup organizer yaaaaaay
Apollo Castor Oil Now Seeding Kit

When you flip the mirror, there are several tubes of Castor Oil plus some other Apollo bestsellers.

Apollo Castor Oil and Petroleum Jelly

They also sent some Yuki Yuki products. They sent me a looot of products last year, and I really liked them! However, for some reason, after I came back home from Japan, this entire bunch of cotton pads they sent me were nowhere to be found. I hope I find them in 2021 because I've been looking for them simce 2019 hahaha. 

Cleene Yuki Yuki Cotton

Pink headband

And they also added in an embroidered towel. Thank you so much for spelling my name right!! I had so few personalized items growing up as most stores would only sell Marilyn items and not Marilene items. I find it really amusing to be receiving all sorts of personalized Marilene items from brands now.

personalized Marilene towel

As for their castor oil, it's 100% cold pressed, and the entire tube is 100% pure castor oil. This can be used on both the brows and the lashes. In my case, I have also used castor oil on the bald patches on my hairline. In general, the only tricky thing about castor oil is that it somehow doesn't work for everyone. If you buy this and it works, then great! If not, you might just not be compatible with castor oil. It's not the brand's fault. Some people have touted castor oil as their HG product, but in my case, I have yet to see life changing results with castor oil. 

At least, since Apollo already sells castor oil in tubes, y'all don't need to shell out so much anymore to figure out if castor oil works on you or not. 

Apollo Castor Oil In Mascara Tube

Apollo is also famous for their petrolum jelly and lip balm, so y'all can also check those out when you do try the castor oil. 

Apollo Lip Balm

Apollo Petroleum Jelly
There are indeed plenty of affordable personal care products that PhilUsa corporation offers! 

Philusa Corporation Products

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