Tada!!! We have yet another Japa vlog right here. This features the day I went to Don Quijote, Sekaido, and Calico Cat Café. I recently learned that Calico Cat Café suffered from the business hit from the pandemic and did a fundraiser to be able to move to a new location. I only found out after I uploaded this video, so I kept it up anyways. However, with respect to the cat café, they will be in a new location we have yet to know, and the cat members and entrance fees may have or will have changed by then. 

The vlog is right here:

And here are the photos I took that day:

As usual, konbini breakfast:
The first stop for the day was Don Quijote. I was so amazed by all the costume choices!!! The pricing is generally a bit high compared to what we're used to in the Philippines, but in general, the quality of the items is fairly good.
There are also soooo many beauty products to choose from. You really need to have an agenda or list when you come here because it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by the very extensive selection they have.
I also really liked the very extensive nail art supply selection they have. Fast forward to now, I already am able to find a lot of choices from Shopee, but when we went here, there still were a lot of nail art supplies not available in the Philippines!!! This is why I was so excited to see lots of rhinestones, foils, and nail sequins. They also have an extensive selection of color gels and PolyGels.
I also found these Disney Princess hair brushes to be too cute! My mom got some of these for herself because of how cute these are wahaha
Of course, I had to get stuff for my furbabies. I usually like to choose the variants that fight hairballs, or the ones that make the cat's fur shinier. There are a lot of Japanese brands that make variants for the cat's beauty, so I like buying into the concept and getting those variants to make Sandy even prettier. Uno has to eat urinary food, so his diet choices aren't as wide as what I'd wish it to be. 
I also got some new Lycée eye drops from this trip, These eye drops work really well to hydrate the eyes during contact lens wear. I have tried several eye drops thus far, and these eye drops were the ones I liked the most. The formulation is not too thick, the drops don't feel uncomfortable, and there's no stinging sensation, unlike some other Japanese eye drops.

We went to Sekaido to accompany my mom who wanted to go shopping for art supplies. Mom does oil, acrylic, and Chinese watercolor, so she wanted to check out some unique art supplies she could use for her art, Mainly, she was looking for items for her Chinese watercolor. 

While mom was looking at the paints, I was looking at the stamps! I dunno why, but I'm so obsessed about stamps. I was never the type to be obsessed about buying notebooks nor pens. But ever since I was young, I was so obsessed about stamps and stickers. I still like to use stickers on my things until now.
I then made my way around Shinjuku to Calico Cat Café.
Finally, I made it to the café!!!
These were the rate cards and direction cards, but since the café is set to move to another location, I have no idea if these same rates and rules will apply to their future location. I actually don't even know if they will still continue as a cat café or if the owner will sell off the cats as pets. I feel so bad after finding out that thair business was badly hit by the pandemic because I really enjoyed coming to this place.
And these are all the lovely cats I saw!!! I had such a great time. The cats here were very friendly and sweet, and I felt that they received a lot of love and were radiating that love to the visitors. There were also plenty of rare breeds. I also loved that there were so many Scottish Folds!!! Scottish Fold is my favorite cat breed, so it was nice to be able to hang out with so many of them in the café. 
In the café, you can pay extra to be given a small tub of what seems to be boiled chicken (I dunno, it may have been boiled pork) to give to the cats. You are not allowed to give the treats to cats with scarves, as they usually have some special medicated diet. Interestingly, the cats know the plastic tub very very well, and will approach you excitedly the moment you start shaking the tub in front of them. It was nice to see the cats enjoy the treats and have them come close to me. Their fur is so soft!!! 

I tried to take lots of selfies with the cats, but it was challenging as the cats frequently liked to walk around. They were also on the floor all the time, so I had to usually wait for the cat to be on a cat tree or on a chair so I could take a photo with them from a comfortable height. 
And after a long day going to many places, it was nice to have had sukiyaki for dinner.

And these are some of the earrings I saw at Rabbit Department, which essentially is a cute accessories shop at the ground floor of Marui Shinjuku annex. There are so many unique accessories being sold here, and eve if the store name has "Rabbit" in it, there are plenty of non-rabbit goods being sold in the store.