Hi mga ku-mari! Here's yet another Japan Travel Vlog. Sharing snippets from the time we went to Mount Fuji, Yamanoko Hananomiyako Flower Park, and Gotemba Premium Outlets in Japan. These three are must-see spots in Shizuoka, Japan, and definitely recommended on a tour itinerary!

I got a cold after this trip, so I guess going to Mt. Fuji in October during a rainy day isn't exactly the best idea. Going in the summertime might be a bit better, although it'll still be quite chilly for sure.

Even the roadtrip to Mt. Fuji is already very therapeutic as the scenery is so nice and relaxing. 

They have a cute photozone at the post office!!! It says that it was Heisei year 30, October 20. The summit's temperature is -7C.

The villa is really pretty. Interestingly, afaik, there is no electricity here, and everything is done through generators. It's really a team effort for everyone to make sure there is running electricity in this area.

There was a cute shiba that I just had to take a photo of him!

There was also a shrine here, and they did sell quite a lot of charms. 

There were also plenty of people who left votive tablets.

And this is my votive tablet. The characters I wrote more or less translate to "heart's wishes come to fruition." 

And here's another view! Mt. Fuji is breathtakingly beautiful, but it can require timing to be seen as it's often covered by fog. In the several hours we were at this area, we were able to see Mt. Fuji clearly for about a total of 15 minutes only as it was covered by fog the whole time. 

We had lunch at Caf é Gusto. Gusto was one of my favorite places to eat at when I was in Japan for a month, and this was the first time I was able to try it out. Japanese fast foods can get very stressful and rushed during lunch time, but Gusto is more relaxed. The variety of food is also very wide, and they also offer good value for money for the meals. 

This was a promotional dessert menu for grape themed desserts.

And this was the menu for the main dishes.

Japan is all about highlighting seasonal fare, and at the time we went to Gusto, oysters were "in season" so there were plenty of oyster themed dishes. I went for this oyster katsu meal. 

After lunch, we went to Yamanoko Hananomiyako Flower ParkThe entrance fee was just 300 yen (Php150) per adult, and there were so many beautiful flowers! It's really near Mt. Fuji so it's easy for tour groups to make a short detour here. Highly recommended in the spring and in the fall, just pray it doesn't rain.

They have quite an interesting souvenir shop as well.

And the indoor garden is really beautiful.

After the flower park, we proceeded to Gotemba Premium Outlets, although I barely have video and photo footage as I was busier shopping. I got a pretty Prada handbag and Samantha Vega bag for good prices. However, I bought these bags knowing that these were made for the outlet. Like the Prada bag I bought was never sold at an actual Prada boutique. 

As such, I recommend this place you're looking to really buy luxury brands and do not mind buying items that were made for the outlet market and were not sold in boutiques. There are plenty of goods that are at outlet prices but look like boutique items anyways, so if you search well, you'll be able to snag good deals. No one is actually going to stare at your bag and Google it and remark that it's an outlet bag, right? It's all about the look and all about pairing it with the right outfit and makeup.

However, I don't recommend shopping here on a rainy day as it's this complex of one floor shopping blocks with an open-air facade. 

And these puppers were waiting for their human to finish shopping at Balenciaga hahaha.

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