It's always so magical to look back at my kimono photos!!! It's easy to buy a yukata, but chances are, an inexperienced person will put it on sloppily. That's why I think that it's really important to go to a kimono rental parlor to really get a professional service done. I own several store-bought yukatas of my own and whenever I try to put it on, I would usually have difficulties with the obi because I don't have the right type of support boards to put it underneath and make it look good. Plus, when you are using a store-bought yukata and you're putting it on yourself, you can't really choose the design of how the obi is tied. Store-bought kimono will usually come with a belt you put around your waist, and then the bow or the centerpiece design would already be finished and you would just hook it onto the belt. But, if you get a professional service, they really will put on the obi on you from scratch, and everything will look nice and polished. 

This is why I really wanted to go to Yae Japan during our Japan trip, and I really made good on my promise to myself to do it! It was a smooth experience as Yae is a hassle-free, one-stop-shop. I was also able to get my hair professionally done through their kimono rental package. Their hair styling made my hair look really Japanese, and I really like how my hair looked so volumized and fluffy even though it was swept up. 

The process was quite tedious so I'm sharing it all in this vlog! This was a jam-packed day as we went to Meiji Shrine, Harajuku Takeshita St., Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree, Imperial Palace East Gardens, Tokyo Tower, and Diver City Odaiba (for the Gundam show).

I would not have been able to go to all these places in a single day if I were to ride the trains, so for tourists, I recommend hiring a tour van. Meiji Shrine and Takeshita st. are within 10 minutes walking distance, but going from Harajuku to Asakusa would take more than 40 minutes by train, another 16 minutes to Tokyo SkyTree, 40+ minutes the Imperial Palace East Gardens, another 40 minutes to Tokyo Tower, and 1 hour to Diver City. Half your day would be consumed by train rides and transfers, so it's best to go by car.

And here are some photos from that day: 

With my votive talbets at Meiji shrine: 

We passed by Takeshita street, so I was able to go to a basement purikura shop and get some prints done!

Of course, whenever there are cats, I really just have to take a photo: 

Yae is located at Asakusa, and it's walking distance from Sensoji. I used data on my phone to get here via Google maps, so it takes a little bit of walking through the side streets to get here. 

The 6th floor contains their kimono selection. They have so many kimonos to choose from, in almost all colors and prints you can imagine. They also have plenty of types of kimono, depending on the package you got, so they have a large variety of kimonos, and a large variety of designs for each type of kimono. 

I was already considered a late client as my appointment was at 11. They start at 9 I think, so a lot of people have already chosen their kimonos and have gone out the doors to start their day already.

They do provide umbrella rental, although I didn't go for it anymore. It wasn't rainy that day.

They provide customers with these shopping bags to put their items into as you will be provided with a Japanese themed bag during your rental period. These bags are cute and small, so these will most likely not be able to contain all your items. 

Here I was with the kimono I have chosen, trying out different bags and seeing which one worked best. In the end, I went with the aqua colored bag.

Here is the lovely onee-san who pu the kimono on me! You'd see on the vlog how hard and tedious it was to put a kimono on. 

And this is the style they did for my hair! I asked for an updo bun, and I had some curled hair on the side as I didn't have bangs.

As you can see with the other clients, they're really good at doing intricate braids and buns. At the time, my hair was long enough to be swept up into a bun, but not long enough to be braided, so that's why my hair was done the way it was done. 

This is the finished look! I went for the pink kimono. The kimono-san who put on the kimono suggested this purple obi and pink ribbons so that it'd have a traditional Japanese feel to it. I chose a pink hairclip with hanging flowers.
And then I was wearing origami earrings I've owned since before. My brother gifted me these origami earrings after a trip in 2010. As for the makeup, I went for sweet looking makeup, but with defined eyeshadow and medium thickness eyeliner. 

First stop was Sensoji. 

We were really lucky to be there during a once-in-ten-years owaraji (giant slipper) changing ceremony! These are believed to ward off evil, so its upkeep and replacement is of much importance. A lot of locals were there to witness this occasion. 

The koi in the ponds were so fat! I was so excited whenever I saw koi in this trip as koi in Japan are really so healthy and beautiful. 

We dropped by Tokyo Sky Tree, but only to see the tower from outside. We're not very interested in going into tall skyscrapers in general across all our trips, so we didn't bother with this one. Maybe if I go to Japan next time with friends and we have a planned activity inside, then maybe I'd go then.

We then visited the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Entrance is free, and the place is so beautiful! it closes at 4PM though, so it's best to come here earlier if you wish to walk around more. This garden is full of amazing ponds and scenery, and I am still surprised at how a garden this beautiful can have no entrance fee. 

The kimono rental return is at 5PM, so I had to be promptly back at Asakusa to return the kimono. 

There were so many hairclips! I was actually among the first girls to return for the day, and yet they still had so much hairclips on the desk even when most renters still hadn't returned.

We also passed by Tokyo Tower that night, but again, we're not fond of going inside stores of tall towers anymore. So we just took selfies outside, and that was it. 

And here are some more kimono photos:

I went to Yae Japan for the kimono rentals as it's what I've seen other YouTubers go to. The location is near Sensōji, so it's a good place to go if you want to make the most of your kimono experience. I only reserved the night before so I couldn't get an early timeslot, so I suggest reserving weeks in advance to make sure you get a good slot.

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