dollupmari with dental products available at watsons

I haven't seen my dentist up until now! I have a cavity between two teeth that could not be fixed when I had braces, and when I got my braces off in December 2019, my dentist's supplier had no stocks of the special fasteners she needed to fix my cavity. When her fasteners finally came, lockdown struck, and fast forward to now, my cavity has not yet been treated. I also kinda feel that I have a new cavity in an upper left molar, so I'm also cautious about that. I did go to Watsons before MECQ was done, and I really hoarded a lot of essentials for dental care as good dental hygiene is the only thing I can realistically do for my teeth at this time. I have been religiously brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and cleaning my retainers in cleaning tablet solutions. 

I got myself Watsons' floss, Listerine's new mouthwash flavors, and more tubes of Colgate toothpaste.  Watsons has really affordable floss, and the floss doesn't snap or fray, so it's a good kind of floss. I've already used up several rolls of it, and really have no intentions to go back to using expensive gloss brands that snap so easily. I also got myself a healthy supply of Polident denture and retainer cleaning tablets, though it's not pictured here. I was advised by my orthodontist to use them, and indeed, after 9 months of cleaning my retainers in Polident once a week, they're still relatively white and new-looking even if I am a strong tea drinker. Historically, my retainers have yellowed in less than 6 months, so I am pleased about this development. 

I also got other essentials, such as Johnson's Baby Lotion, as I have used up almost all my lotion reserves. I also got some boxes of L'Oréal hair color, as I haven't had my hair colored in a salon in ages and I'm feeling like coloring my hair again. I have had a haircut done in July, and will probably have another haircut in December, but more or less I will have to be the one to color and treat my hair. I was also interested to try Luxe Organix's Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel as well as Belo Nutraceuticals Melon Collagen Drink. 

Watsons has continued to serve customers through all the kinds of quarantine we have experienced so far. No matter what quarantine acronym there is, Watsons will always serve customers with extreme enhanced logistical solutions *pun intended*. Customers can buy from Watsons stores, call for Watsons deliveries, pay online for Watsons store pick-up, or order through for home or office deliveries. 

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