Happy Halloween! Sharing here my Alice In Wonderland tutorial. My idea was to make doll-like makeup that would look whimsical and suit an Alice In Wonderland cosplay well. This is a look that you can also pair with other doll characters or for some cosplay event. Check it out! 
via https://youtu.be/AMYbexgtdr0

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I dunno but I really liked how this photo turned out because it's got that mystical feel to it and all, and I don't look like my usual self here!

BTW! I used Olens Scandi Gray in this tutorial! If you like the effects, y'all can enjoy a 10% discount at their site if you use code DollUpMari in November 2020! Shop here: https://bit.ly/35feqUw
You can also see it in action here in my IGTV video!