dollupmari with Olens Welcome Box

Ta da!!! I'm so excited to be sharing that I got Blackpink lenses for Halloween! This is an unboxing video of the Olens Welcome Box I got as well as the Scandi collection contact lenses. I was really excited to shoot the items immediately, so I shot this right after I shot my Alice In Wonderland Halloween tutorial. I was wearing Scandi Gray in this video. Check it out: 

This video is also on my Faceebook page:

Y'all can shop for OLens products at their websiteUse code DollUpMari for 10% off for the month of November 2020!

OLens registered customers have the privilege to pay $34 to get a Welcome Kit with their first order. This consists of a box of 1 day lenses of their choice (from a selection), and three pairs of their popular 1-day contact lenses. As such, welcome boxes can and will have varying contents dependent on the contact lenses you bought (as they will of course try to give you freebies that are not the same with the ones you bought, and potentially lenses they think will suit your taste). 

This is my Welcome Box: 

These are the contents of my Welcome Box: 

They sent me Olens Scandi Gray with this box. There are also Spanish and Russian lenses you can choose from for your selection. 

And these are the freebies I got with Scandi Gray:I got Spanish 1-day Brown lenses! These are among the lenses that Blackpink likes and endorses, so I'm sure these will be nice and stylish. I have purchased from the Spanish collection in a past haul, but it's not this color, so I look forward to seeing how this will look like on me.

I also got Secriss Ice Gray lenses. This is, of course, very exciting for me as I am really obsessed with the Secriss collection, and Secriss Coral Gray is my favorite lens of all time. 

I also got Russian Silver lenses! I will be featuring these in future posts as I also bought these in a past haul, and I have yet to use them! I am still using some past OLens contact lenses at the moment aside from the new Scandi ones I got, so it'll take a little time before I can feature these. Nonetheless, these contact lenses are ideal for those who like really light-colored lenses.
Again, y'all can use code DollUpMari to get 10% off in November 2020! Shop at OLens' Website today!