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I run this blog by myself and make all the posts in it, unless specified (in the case of a guest blogger, or in the case of press releases). In the case of a sponsored item, the review will be 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. Items sent will be 'under consideration' and not everything may necessarily be published on the blog.

My loyalty is always towards my readers and fans, and it's always been my blog's philosophy to make people experience things as how I experience them, which is why I unfortunately cannot blog about products or events which I have not seen, touched (for products), or attended (for events)

Given that this is a beauty blog, I have always kept my reviews neutral-leaning to-positive because it is a known truth in life that beauty products (and virtually every other product out there) will not work the same way for everyone. A product may work horribly on me or as indicated, but can work wonders for someone else or for some other purpose.

As such, I do not condemn any product as horrible, and will always look at the product's suitability on different skin types, skin tones, ages, and tastes. As a reader/potential client, you can expect my reviews  to more or less find a niche or perfect group of people for a product, and at times, recommendations for which occasions to use the product. And though it's rare for a product to not work as indicated, in these situations, I do try to find different uses for products should it have potential in perfectly doing another task.

However, I am not a medical professional or a dermatologist. Reviews made here should be taken as recommendations, not as prescriptions, and I will not be held liable if a product has worked negatively on someone in any way. If you have a history of allergies, asthma, skin diseases or any other untoward reactions to certain ingredients, always consult your doctor before using a product.

If you are running an online shop that sells bootleg makeup or contact lenses, please be also informed that I will not review products that are fake. Fake makeup has no accountability should someone get allergies, get hurt in any way, or get poisoned by the possible heavy metals in it, which is why as protection for my readers, I will not review them. Please note that the term fake also covers "Class A," "AAA replica," and "SG Authentic" makeup.