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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life News: Ballet Manila's Don Quixote

Opening the year in true Ballet Manila fashion, the country’s premier classical dance company is staging one of the world’s most colorful and enduring ballet pieces—Don Quixote.

Happening on February 24 and 25, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. and on February 26, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. at Aliw Theater, Don Quixote is known in the ballet world as one of the most technically challenging pieces ever created, with some of the choreography raising the already high international standards when it first premiered in 1869 at the Tsar's Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg. It is especially known for its compulsory quick and strong movements, high vertical takeoffs, one arm lifts, quick fouettes, quadruple pirouettes, and Kitri’s signature move, the Plisetskaya head-kick.

Don Quixote is the closing act for Ballet Manila’s 21st performance season. Set in Spain, the story tells the tale of Don Quixote, who decides to become a knight and embark on a journey to find Lady Dulcinea, a lover that he has only made up in his head.  The ballet places special focus on the love story between Kitri and Basilio, a pair he encounters during his adventures. The production combines great acrobatic feats, lively music, colorful sets and costumes, and a lot of comedic elements. Specially for this run, Ballet Manila will bring in Kremlin Ballet Theater star and principal danseur, Mikhail Martynyuk, to play Basilio.

“Our 21st performance season, Revenge of the Classics, has allowed us to mark so many milestones not just for Ballet Manila, but for the country as well,” says Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Ballet Manila’s CEO and Artistic Director. “Therefore, we only find it fitting to close it with a true classic—one that’s opulent, captivatingly elaborate, and serves as a true testament to the strength, passion, and skills of our dancers, who are all trained in the Vaganova Academy Style of dancing.”

She continues, “Don Quixote is kind of like my signature ballet. It’s the ballet that really brought me to the spotlight, and Kitri is my most performed role. I’m so excited for this production because I feel like this is me handing down the role to Ballet Manila’s next generation of principal dancers.” Alternating for the role of Kitri are Katherine Barkman, Pia Dames, and Dawna Mangahas, who will be partnered by Martynyuk, Lisa adds that the public should also watch out for the ballet’s production elements. “We are revamping some elements of our staging from previous ones. We are going all out with stage designs, props, and costumes. We’re not holding back for Don Quixote. Everyone should really watch out for it.”

Don Quixote is co-presented by the Manila Broadcasting Company, Star City, and Aliw Theater. Other sponsors include ACS Manufacturing Corporation, First United Corporation, Papa John’s Pizza, Hot Star Chicken, Oasis Paco Park Hotel, Microtel Wyndham Hotels, Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, City Garden Suites Malate,Island Rose, and Philcom. Official ride partner is Grab Philippines. To learn more about it, visit or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tickets are also available through all Ticketworld outlets. Please call 8919999 or visit, for more information.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What Does A Maybelline Squad Girl Get?

The perks of being part of the squad! So yeah you may have seen a few weeks ago my post about the awarding ceremony wherein Maybelline brought together the most prolific bloggers who have supported them throughout the years to "officiate" them to be part of the Maybelline Squad. Weeell in reality it was much more casual and yeah I was part of those "prolific" bloggers. I say "prolific" because as per dictionary definition of "producing much fruit," I think that was the basis for the selection of us all. Everyone in the squad has been consistently producing Maybelline related content throughout the past few years and the "ceremony" was their way of recognizing that. 

To make sure we never run out of Maybelline throughout the whole year, they sent us home with this massive supercalifragilisticexpialidocious traincase full of Maybelline items. I tried to compute and there were more or less Php15,000 worth of beauty products in the traincase, not counting the price of the traincase and the personalization fee they must have paid so that there's a metal plate with "Mari" written on it. 

 Just to make it clear for all eternity, me being part of Maybelline Squad doesn't mean I get any payment for being a member of the squad. I also never got paid any cash for all the blog work I've done for them. To the people who think I was bribed, nope, I wasn't. Bloggers are enthusiastic to talk about their products simply because they are enthusiastic to work with us, too. Liking their products doesn't mean my opinion was bought, it just means they made good stuff. Their products sometimes have hit or miss moments just like any other brand, but they are the creators of mascara and among the current leaders in masstige lipsticks, and no one can take that away from them.  

Monday, February 20, 2017

Beauty News: Belo's Best Anti-Aging Defense

Did you know that the sun is responsible for 90% of premature skin-aging?

Exposure to sun causes most of the wrinkles and age spots on our faces. We may not notice it but most of the skin changes that we think of as part of normal part of aging is caused by harmful UV rays.

However, seldom do we find a sunscreen that contains everything we’ve been looking for in one product and yet, gentle enough for daily use.

Non-sticky, water resistant, fragrance-free, paraben-free, lightweight, immediate effectivity, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. These are what Belo SunExpert offers.

Providing broad spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, Belo SunExpert has Cell Protect ® technology the natural cell shield that strengthens the skin’s defense system and preserves moisture content. The said active ingredient also maintains healthy, white skin while preventing accelerated premature skin aging or even skin cancer.

Belo SunExpert works effectively even for the most sensitive skin or the ones easily susceptible to sun damage. It boasts a non-greasy feeling with no harsh chemicals that might do more harm than good to the skin.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beauty News: Liza Soberano Disguises as a Maybelline Beauty Advisor; Surprises Customers

Two Maybelline lovers got the surprise of their lives when Liza Soberano sold them Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One!!! See the video now!!! Who knows, it can happen to anyone of us one of these days? 

These two girls went to SM North Edsa wanting to buy Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One powder again as one had already run out of hers. When Liza was making her sales pitch, they sort of knew that it was her but couldn't really fathom that it could actually be humanly possible for Liza to sell powder to them.

Tis was proof that one's wildest dreams can come true! These fans were so surprised over what happened and feel so lucky and blessed to have met Liza Soberano.

Liza looks good in her Maybelline Beauty Adviser outfit! This getup, partnered with large sunglasses and a Maybelline cap, really made her an efficient part of the sales force. She was able to deliver her sales pitch perfectly and was able to make a sale (she directly sold two powders to the ladies). Although Liza's appearance alone was enough to bring crazy sales values for sure.

Liza went for a change and got into her usual Maybelline girl outfit. Edgy, modern, and naturally beautiful.

She had great fun pulling off the gimmick in cooperation with the Maybelline Philippines management team.

Who knows? She might grace a store near you soon! 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

#MakeItHappenWithLiza and Maybelline (February 18, 2017)

My 4th time with the goddess!!! The 1% of a blogger's life is "cozying" to celebrities, and this is one of those days mehehehe (but well it's just 1% coz 99% of the time I'm a slave to my own backlog haha). 

Lemme also just say that in all my years of blogging, this is historically the first event held so near to our house!!! In like 3++ years of attending events!!! I always dread the traffic to and from events because Makati and BGC means 5 hours on the road overall, and 5 hours in traffic= dead Mari. I heard Liza is a QC girl, too, so I think she liked that her event for Maybelline's Clear Smooth All In One Powder was held in the activity center of SM North EDSA The Block.  

This event is also special as this is Liza's first consumer event with Maybelline. Since being launched as the new Maybelline girl last August, she has only done one press event thus far afaik, and the rest were digital activations. This is her first store activation, and fans were elated to see her. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Beige Chuu Collection (For Now!!!)

It pays to be a Charis babe!!! I brought home 1 lifetime's worth of products from their Beautiful Journey in Seoul last September. To be more exact, I brought home stuff from like 20+ brands, plenty of the brands sponsoring whole collections and product lines, which is why I really mean 1 lifetime's worth of items hahaha. Tomorrow a new batch of influencers will be going to Korea to have their own priceless experiences and bring home probably even more items this time around. To join in on the fun, here I am starting off with my stream of Charis related posts. Expect the trend for 2017.

 So yeah... when I got back from the trip in September, I wasn't able to talk about the items immediately due to the existing backlogs I had (which still persist till now ahuhu). I am fixing that now, actually, by saying no to new projects so I can focus on the more important things like this.

 I thought I'd start off with introductions here on the blog through posts like these because if I wait to make each product a review it'll take forever to introduce everything. This is Beige Chuu, the makeup brand under Chuu, an umbrella lifestyle brand comprising clothing, lingerie, and makeup. One of the things we did was to go to their flagship store. I was able to meet the image models, explore the whoooole building they have in HongDae, and basically soak up some youthful vibes because I may be 22 but I'm already like a granny already with how haggard I am. Hahahaha..