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Saturday, December 03, 2016

My Althea A'Pieu X Rilakkuma Haul (I Paid!)

To say that I hoarded is an understatement. I went crazy when Althea launched A'Pieu's Rilakkuma collection and sold everything at reasonabele prices!!! I was so thankful I did all my hoarding in Althea because when I was in Korea, despite the collection still in sync, the A'Pieu in Myeongdong is not on the main road so it's very easy to forget it. Like by the time you get to the A'Pieu store it's already closing or near closing coz you got distracted shopping at all the other stores on the main street. These items are also delicate in nature with the eyeshadows and the facial wash tubes, so I am glad I was not tasked with having to wrap them and pack them into a suitcase. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Vampire Diaries x Saladbox Unboxing

I am considered to be among the youngest bloggers who are more or less deemed as the "regulars" in events. But this box made me realize how old I am! I know that the Vampire Diaries exists, and that's basically it. I don't know the storyline, the characters-- nada. And as such, I apologize in advance if the items in this special limited edition curated box by Saladbox do not resonate to me with respect to the story. I have no idea of the story's elements or inside jokes, so I definitely have no idea about whether these items interplay with that or not. 

But all I can talk about is how giddy I am to be receiving a mystery beauty box! It's always fun to receive a mystery beauty box. And whether or not it's a mystery, it's just always fun to receive beauty products. Saladbox is also crossing over to ecommerce so you may want to check out their wares if you're looking for great holiday deals! 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Life News: Ballet Manila's Cinderella

The country’s premier classical dance company, Ballet Manila, marks another milestone this season as it debuts another original production—Cinderella.
A production that combines theatrical comedic elements, modern live special effects, and romantic classical scores, Ballet Manila’s version of Cinderella puts a lighter comical spin on the well-loved classic, whilst keeping intact all the elements that make it so magical.
“Modern, witty, romantic, very funny, but still every bit magical. It’s Cinderella as you’ve never seen before,” shares Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. “I want to create a ballet that appeals to all audiences. I want it to be a really light and happy ballet where kids will laugh out loud and the grownups will have a great time listening to children’s laughter. I also want the romance and magic of this story to come to life and make the audience remember the power of love.”
Set to be staged on November 25, 26 and December 3 at 8:00 p.m. and November 27 and December 4 at 3:00 p.m. at the Aliw Theater, the ballet marks an important milestone for Ballet Manila, the Philippines, and the ballet world, as it sees the first major choreographic work of prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde go on stage.
“I have always focused on the technicalities behind every show we do; making sure that the ballerinas and danseurs get all the right movements, that their bodies’ angles are precise so that they don’t injure themselves, and that every move they do go with the rhythm of the music. This has always hindered me from doing much choreography. However, for this one, I really made time to make sure we put together a ballet that is world class. When I actually started creating the choreography, Osias said that I looked so on fire in rehearsals that he decided to let me run with it– giving me the opportunity to run the show.”
“It took time. But to be honest, I had such a ball choreographing this ballet. We know what we wanted from the very beginning, and that is to create a magical experience that’s light and entertaining,” Elizalde adds.
In addition to seeing the first major choreographic work of the country’s most celebrated prima ballerina, audiences should also look forward to the many magical moments that Ballet Manila has infused in its production of Cinderella. Included in these scenes to watch out for is the transformation of Cinderella, which called for Ballet Manila to tap international live special effects specialists to create. There is also the Spring Ball, which according to Lisa, will be “everything a royal ball should be”.
“I wanted to tell the story of Cinderella and make the audience laugh and love. What better way to celebrate Christmas?”
Cinderella is co-presented by the Manila Broadcasting Company, Star City, and Aliw Theater. Other sponsors include ACS Manufacturing Corporation, First United Corporation, Papa John’s Pizza, Hot Star Chicken, Oasis Paco Park Hotel, Microtel Wyndham Hotels, Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, City Garden Suites Malate, Island Rose, and Philcom. Official ride partner is Grab Philippines.  To learn more about it and other upcoming Ballet Manila shows, including ticket prices and schedules, visit or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tickets are also available through all Ticketworld outlets. Please call 8919999 or visit, for more information.
About Ballet Manila
Founded in 1995 by Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Osias Barroso, Ballet Manila is the country’s premier classical dance company. With the mission of connecting both ballet and the people, the company, which puts education at the forefront of its priorities, is well-known as the only Philippine dance company to adopt and strictly adhere to the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet style of dancing, which is well-regarded the world over as the most disciplined and technically-superior style. The company currently has 65 artists under its wing, all of whom have been trained in the Vaganova Academy style of dancing. The company boasts of a solid repertoire that consists of some of the most technically challenging and timeless ballet favorites.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lip Reviews and Swatches


Yeahp. Gah. 

This is one instance wherein I love my intel being wrong. 

Soooo as someone from UP Diliman, I get plenty of L'Oréal related gossip and insider scoop because L'Oréal is a very aggressive employer of UPD grads. I know UPD is a priority school for hiring and L'Oréal is among the most coveted employers in the world, but for some reason there really just is something about UP and L'Oréal, like a magical bond. So fast forward, I got insider scoop that Maybelline intends to bring Lip Flush Bitten Lip next year. This was back in June when they released Maybelline Lip Flush. I saw that in Thailand and Taiwan, they had this already, so I was reaaaally excited for it to come! I was soooo sad when I was told that I had to wait till next year to try this. 

I even hoarded whatever I could hoard when I went to Thailand in August. I say "whatever I could hoard" because it was doing super well in Thailand that almost all shades were sold out. I had to go back to the Watsons near our hotel several times to get a hold of more than one shade. You could see how all the other lipsticks were properly stocked but Bitten Lip was barely anywhere to be found. All one could hold onto were very well loved testers... 

So I am so happy that they made this come in right on time at Q4 (or 3 can't remember anymore) this year! This will be the perfect gift for all your friends for the novelty, for your dry lipped friends because it's a balm, and for your Koreaphile friends because gradation lips y'all. 

This is probably the most industry disrupting product I've ever seen in Asia this year aside from Evita's Rose facial wash and I have yet to see something be received with this much hype and acclaim. 

I have a vlog in the vernacular for this so check it out! This is also your ticket to winning these babies for yourself so watch on to find out how you can win!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lime Crime Velvetine Red Velvet Liquid Lipstick Review

I know it feels weird that it's only now I'm having a formal Lime Crime product review. This is my first Lime Crime review ever, despite blogging about my Lime Crime hauls and even including one of these in my giveaway from waaaaaaay back in 2014! BTW this is also a draft post that got stuck in the pipelines in 2014, so I thought I'd finish it off now. I don't know, for some reason when I see a product all the time in my page or blog, I sometimes forget that I haven't made a formal review about it yet. 

Anyways, so much for that. Today, I'll be giving my thoughts on Lime Crime's velvetine. This is their liquid to matte lip stain, or in my own thoughts, the high end version of NYX's soft matte lip cream. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ballet Manila Presents Cinderella (November 26, 2016)

No one speaks in ballet, but there is really this unexplainable magic to it! 

I am very thankful to have been invited to grace Ballet Manila's showing of Cinderella last weekend. They still have more shows this weekend so hurry and get your tickets!!!

Overall, the production quality was soooo high on this show. They really put in a lot of effort to make the technical elements of a Cinderella show come alive. It's not just ballet. It's an all encompassing spectacle. There's the glass shoe, the crystal carriage, and the dress that gets torn by the stepsisters. 

Plenty of dancers had lights on their costumes, and it's not easy to put lights on costumes, especially for the purpose of ballet that they're jumping and spinning the whole time. I honestly super comend the costume department for creating all these props and add ons that are able to withstand the ballet dancers' movements. Even madam Lisa is interesting with how she can keep a wig on whilst twirling and jumping, as she took on the role of Fairy Godmother. 

  The most amusing for any audience member, perhaps, is how they made Cinderella change from common clothes to Cinderella clothes onstage and how the animals turned into handsome tailors and carriage drivers to bring Cinderella to the ball. 

There is really a need to see it for one's self. There is a special magic that comes alive when the music, the dance, and all the other things like the lighting, costumes, and props come together. This is far from the boring and stiff kind of ballet some people might have in mind. I honestly could not believe that two hours had already immediately passed by!  

I am sure all of you already know Cinderella so this post is really more about the photos to hopefully inspire you to go this weekend. There is an 8PM performance on December 3 and a 3PM performance on December 4. 
<3 Enjoy!