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Saturday, September 14, 2013

13 Reasons Why A Cosplayer Doesn't Want to Lend You Costumes

Okay, before I even get started, let me put up a disclaimer: This post applies to the cosplayers who DO NOT make a living from costume sales and rentals. And if a person does not heavily advertise his or her costume rental services, chances are he/she will be able to relate to this post's content. 

1.) We don't care about your photobooth, we just don't care. So don't even think of asking us if we're willing to lend our wigs for your photobooth.
Our wigs are cosplay quality, they cost 1000-3000 pesos depending on the style or quality. Don't mistake them for the 100 peso cheapo wigs you'll see in photobooths.
2.) We don't want your sweat on our clothes. Like NO.
For one some costumes are not easy to clean, and even if the costume is easy to clean, well it still might have icky other-people germs afterwards. EWW. 

3.) Baka may kuto ka pa sa ulo mo mahawa pa kami pag sinuot mo wig namin. 
Binuhol mo na nga yung wig, hinawaan mo pa kami ng kuto. Imbyerna ba naman oh. 

4.) You might feel like Harry Potter and assume that all our props can be treated like Elder Wands...

If you break our props, we'll break your neck. Be sure of it. 

5.) Even if we know that a wig can only be used for one character or a costume will go out of season very quickly, we still go ahead and get it made anyways.
So don't ever, like ever, give us the 'Oh I'll just borrow your costume coz halloween is only once a year and I want to save money.' 

If you want a good Halloween costume, work hard to make it or earn for it. Don't ask us. 

6.) Getting a costume made is just like getting a custom-made gown done. It's supposed to be for that individual alone. 

If you don't want people bugging you to lend that great gown you wore to that party, then you probably know how it feels when people bug cosplayers for their custom-made costumes. 

7.) What if you go on a rampage and ruin the costume? 

From CSCentrl
I still can't forget what happened to Don Robert Torio and Izabel's Tron costumes (the ones that were heavily torn and ruined by the group of a certain Janice Cerdon)


We just can't possibly take the risk. Land of unpaid debts pa naman ang Pilipinas, baka di mo bayaran ang damages. Just sayin'. 

8.) You can only learn how to care for a costume once you know how hard it is to make one. 

I learned how to love the art of cosplay after I had sewn this costume all on my own, despite not having any formal sewing background. Hindi siya pulido, pero sariling sikap ko yan. 

I just cannot trust that a person who has not shed cosplay sweat will be able to care for my costume the way I do. 

9.) For sure 'di ka naman maaasahan na mag-dedetangle ng wig... 

Anyone who can remove all the tangles from my Chii wig will be rewarded 1 million dollars...

Don't ever give me that 'Oh I'm a graceful person I'm sure your wig won't be in tangles' dahil pagkasuot ko pa nga lang ng wigs ko buhol na sila. Sinong niloko mo. 

10.) Problema pa namin mag text sa iyo na ibalik na ang costume.

Masyado na kaming maraming ibang inaasikaso sa buhay para kulitin ka lang na ibalik ang matagal mo na dapat na naibalik. Tapos kung nag implement kami ng interest rate tatawagin mo naman kaming mukhang pera. Tough life it is. 

11.) Tutal ang tingin mo naman sa cosplay ay paglalandi sa pamamagitan ng white polo at miniskirt, marapat na bumili ka na lang nun sa mall at wag mo na kaming guluhin pa sa Facebook. 

12.) You will not become the next Alodia by borrowing my costume.

Mag-drama ka sa nanay mo, wag sa akin. 

Sa dami ng nagcocosplay nowadays, only 1 out of 1000 actually get some recognition in the community. And 1 in a million lang ang magiging superstar sa cosplay. Stop rationalizing that I should pity you and lend you my costume because you believe that you have the potential to become famous. 

Kung talagang naniniwala kang may potential ka edi manood ka ng anime, mag-research ng mga characters na tunay na nababagay sa iyo at magpagawa o gumawa ng costume na perfect fit. Wag sa akin lumapit. 

------------- And most importantly------------ 

13.) Are we even close? Do I even know you? 

The last time I remember, you were mocking me for cosplaying and laughing at me for my interests. Tell me why I should actually lend my costume, or any of my things at all, to you? 



Ben Pico said...

Oh oh, an extension for #13, "and even if we ARE close, don't take me readily and willingly lending you my cosplay stuff as a given. IT'S NOT. Nothing's worse than being taken for granted just because you're 'close'."

My heart cried out for #8. I was once told, "Hihingi ka pa ng rent fee, eh ang seifuku lang 'yan". If you think a seifuku is "lang", go make it yourself. You don't know the effort for making a pleated skirt, 'yo.

Marilene Perez said...

oonga bahala siya gumawa ng sarili niyang seifuku

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