This blog post is the third installment of my blog posts on the beauty workshop presented by CanMake cosmetics and Tokyo Posh on November 28. This post focuses on the makeup workshop specifically. If you also wish to see the makeup that they had on display on the day of the event, please go here. On the other hand, if you wish to see the Tokyo Posh segment of the event, please go here .

So this is Miss Bea Almeda, chief makeup artist of CanMake, prepping her model for the day, Hennessy. She's putting a pink cape on the model; I know it looks like a bib but this is actually done so as to prevent any powder or eyeshadow fallout from ruining the model's clothes. Makeup artists do this especially when the client is already in her outfit for her party or event, so as to prevent any accidents. 

In a nutshell, they presented what Gyaru makeup is all about. So basically, gyaru is just the Japanese term for gal, it's just that their alphabet (katakana) doesn't have the accommodations for the quick 'iya' sound that we make when saying gal (because we say it somewhat like gi-ye-al quickly) nor the letter L. 'Gyaru' is the closest spelling that their alphabet can afford this word. 

So the look just embodies what a gal should embody-- bright, big eyes, cutesy vibes and a sweet and innocent look. 

So this is a sample of what gyaru should look like... 

And this is basically the summary of the makeup part of the event... 

The first pointer that Miss Bea gave out was to determine your skin type. If Socrates were a beautician, this is what he would probably say: Know thy skin. Ha ha ha. So it's important to know how your skin is because this will influence the kinds of makeup that you should buy and those that you should avoid. 

She goes on to explain that gor instance, you have dry skin, and you go on using powdered foundation. The finished look would be dry, flaky, and powdery instead of dreamy and dewy. On the other hand, if you have oily skin and you go onto using a very thick coverage and moisturizing foundation, chances are you will look like a cooking oil factory midday. 

The next step is to prep the skin. The prep should include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This is still not the primer part, but the prepping part (just to be clear). 

To expedite the prepping process, she recommends applying CanMake's Easy & Fast Make Gel using a cotton pad. It already does the three processes mentioned above (I think). 

 Next is to apply the makeup base. CanMake has face primers for this job, but I think Hennessy's skin is already good enough that the primer part was skipped and Miss Bea already proceeded to applying foundation... But I think that's also because this is a demo-- for a whole day engagement you would need to apply primer regardless of what your skin condition is...

Miss Bea recommends their Smooth Liquid Foundation as it's already a BB cream-foundation hybrid that it gives flawless coverage, but the blemish coverage is better compared to a product that functions solely as BB Cream. It also won't be such a problem for people with very oily skin as the BB Cream aspect of the product will help to ensure that it doesn't cake on or oil up on your face...  

Foundation application in action... 

This is their recommended CanMake concealer, but in general, Hennessy had nothing much that needed concealing so Miss Bea only put on a little product on her face.

And after the concealer, it is of course very important to set the base product with a loose setting powder, such as their Secret Chiffon Pact. 

This is basically all the stuff that they recommend for the base makeup. 

And for the eye makeup application, this is more or less the summary photo. The goal is to achieve really bright, round, and large eyes. So with this goal in mind, the eyeshadows are light browns and creams with some darker additions for nighttime occasions. The eyeliner is usually in a winged tip, and it is usually done with a liquid eyeliner. I have yet to see a gyaru enthusiast who uses eye pencil for this part. Ha ha ha. 

To complete the big eyes effect, the eyelashes are curled well and bathed with a good slathering of mascara. Mascara is applied on the upper and lower lashline.  

For the eyeshadow Miss Bea used their Perfect Stylist Eyes palette. What's good about this palette is that each one comes with 5 colors/shades, with the left side of the palette with lighter shades (for daytime use) and the right side with darker shades for easily transitioning of your makeup from day to night. In general though, the dark color still is not the kind of dark that you will see in other palettes as the brand itself evisions the innocent, natural looking gyaru makeup. 

Miss Bea explains that CanMake usually likes to produce palettes and sets and rarely produces single eyeshadow powder products because they like to be versatile. They also like to make items that are good quality but affordable enough for teenagers. And I think that that's true-- their Color Wishes eyeshadow powder singles seems to have been taken off the shelves in Japan and can't be seen in Hong Kong anymore. I also think that it if they were to continue having eyeshadow powder singles, it would not be as affordable as compared to when they are combined in a palette... 

Miss Bea busy with using a brown shade to make a cut crease on Hennessy's eyes... 

And this is their Gokubuto mascara. This, I think, is Miss Bea's HG item from CanMake cosmetics as she really raved a lot about this product. It's volumizing, lengthening, and curling. Even if you do not use an eyelash curler, the mascara itself can already help to curl your lashes because of its special brush. Moreover, this mascara is smudgeproof such that when you go about your day, it will not melt on your face and give you panda eyes. 

It is also easily removable as you only need to use warm water to gently slide it off. It functions somewhat like an extension tube to your eyelashes, and will slide off with enough warm water. That's why the removal process is super easy. 

The other part that she loves about this product is that when you accidentally smudge it on a place where there isn't supposed to be mascara, or when mascara gets on your face, you can simply wait for it to dry, and once you use a slightly moistened cotton bud, the mascara will 'peel' off and will not smudge or make a mess on your face. 

This is their Strong Eyes Liner. Basically it's a liquid liner that acts as a film when dry, so it's also smudge proof. 

This is all the stuff that Miss Bea used on Hennessy's face. 

Now it's time for blush. Miss Bea presents one of CanMake's top sellers: their cream blush. Their cream blush products always fly off the shelves because of the nice colors and the natural finish. 

But as you will see, not only the cream blush is used but also the powder blush. Similar to setting a face  with powder over foundation, powder blush will set cream blush, making the cheeks blushing and pretty the whole day. 

To finish off the look, she uses their lipstick. 

Miss Bea makes final touches... 

And you can see the photo on the right the final result. The side that you see on the left is the side without makeup, and the made up side is on the right side of the photo. It's not a dramatic difference, but the goal of fresh and innocent-looking has now been achieved. This is what gyaru is supposed to be.

Thanks for reading through this series! Be sure to watch out for CanMake's future events and pasabog! 

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